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New Zealand Rental Car

Here are some key survival tips to ensure that you don’t write off your New Zealand rental car.



New Zealand Rental Car

by Steve Theunissen

New Zealand Rental Car SAFETY TIPS

One of the great things about New Zealand is that the country is small enough that you can get from one place to another in pretty quick time. And the country is so jam packed with sights, natural wonders and amenities that within a couple of hours you go from snow covered mountain peaks to tropical, palm surrounded beaches. Which is why you’ll need a New Zealand rental car to get you around.

But what do you need to know about safely driving your New Zealand rental car? Here are some key survival tips to ensure that you don’t write off your New Zealand rental car:

New Zealand Rental Car Safety Tip No.1

Keep Left – A large number of deaths occur on New Zealand roads because tourists forget to stay left when taking a New Zealand Rental Car onto the roads. Many New Zealand rental car companies have responded by placing “L” stickers onto the inside of the car’s windshield. So, remember to keep left – or risk a head on smash!

New Zealand Rental Car Safety Tip No.2

Observe the Speed Limit – The maximum open road sped in New Zealand is 100 kilometers per hour. The police are constantly out in force to impose hefty fines on transgressors and speed cameras are fitted in many areas. The maximum limit in urban areas is 50 kilometers per hour.

New Zealand Rental Car Safety Tip No.3

Know the Signs – In the USA they have ‘Yield’ signs but when you’re driving around in your New Zealand rental car you’ll notice signs that say “Give Way.’ They both mean the same thing. When approaching a ‘Give Way’ sign, slow down, be ready to stop and yield to all traffic. When you se a stop sign, you must come to a complete halt. NZ road signs consist of white lettering on a red background.

New Zealand Rental Car Safety Tip No.4

Intersections – Always use your indicator at intersections. Always obey the traffic lights, signs and arrows marked on the road. If turning, yield to all traffic not turning. Yield to all traffic crossing or approaching from your right.

New Zealand Rental Car Safety Tip No.5

Alcohol – If you’re going to take your New Zealand rental car onto the road, do not drink. The legal limit is as follows:

*** 30mg alcohol per 100 ml of blood for drivers under 20 years

*** 80mg alcohol per 100 ml of blood for drivers 20 years and over.

If you are above the legal limit you will lose your insurance cover and face stiff police imposed fines.

A New Zealand rental car is a great way to get around this great country. Observe the above safety driving tips and you’re bound to have the trip of a lifetime.


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