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North Georgia Cabin Rental

Choose a cozy cabin tucked away in the snowy mountains of scenic north Georgia? Cabin rental is one of the most enjoyable and cost-efficient ways to get away from it all.




North Georgia Cabin Rental

by Dr. John Luton
Associate Professor
Mass Communication
Elizabeth City State University
Seeker of the “road less traveled

Vacationing in north Georgia?
Cabin rental is your path to Winter Serenity!

Looking for a winter vacation setting? Why not choose a cozy cabin tucked away in the snowy mountains of scenic north Georgia? Cabin rental is one of the most enjoyable and cost-efficient ways to get away from it all. And for the winter tourist season that is just now underway, north Georgia has it all!

Check out what a north Georgia cabin rental has to offer!

In the idyllic mountain setting of scenic north Georgia, cabin rental opportunities abound. That’s because the good folks who live in that neck of the woods are kind enough to share their overflowing bounty of natural beauty and serenity with the rest of us – and they don’t charge an arm and a leg for all they have to offer.

Blue Ridge Mountain Cabins in Blue Ridge, Georgia – 90 miles north of Atlanta

Nestled warmly in the crisp, hazy air of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the folks at Blue Ridge Mountain Cabins aren’t content with just serving up a healthy dose of natural beauty and comfortable surroundings: They also offer some of the best opportunities for re-creation in all of north Georgia. Cabin rental availability runs from December 1 to April 1. That’s a wide window of opportunity for experiencing the wonder of the Blue Ridge mountains and their crystal clear streams and rivers.

But it’s Freezing in Those Mountains During Winter!

You know what – you’re absolutely right! You might want to save activities like lake and stream fishing and white water rafting in the Toccoa River until it gets a little warmer, but if you’re looking for a great winter hideaway, a Blue Ridge cabin is the perfect place to be. I know I’d like to be there right now.

Let’s see, what do I miss most about that winter wonderland that’s already had more than a taste of snowfall this winter?

Come on, use your imagination! Let’s grab a cup of cinnamon-flavored apple cider and sit by the fire place for a moment. What is it about Blue Ridge Cabins that can magically transport you back there long after the vacation’s over?

Maybe it’s the rustic beauty of a snow-kissed cabin when you first arrive for a few days of relaxation in north Georgia. Cabin rental gives you the opportunity to experience what many of us could only dream about -- a beautiful home far away from all the busyness and noise of the daily lives we all experience. Far away from the interruptions that rob us of the peace and serenity we were designed to enjoy. Far from the stressors that sap the strength and vitality we so desperately need in order to experience the fullness of life.

Ah -- yes! That’s what I miss! That’s what I’m longing for – peace, quiet, serenity, joy! Maybe my family can go there again this year. What a perfect way to wind down after all the activities of the holidays!

Looking For That Perfect Gift?

If you’re like my family, the beautiful setting of a mountain cabin might be just the place to slow down, enjoy the view, and allow the wonder of the natural realm to put something back into your life that’s in low supply.

Isn’t it about time you treated yourself and those you love to a gift that celebrates simplicity and beauty? Isn’t it about time you visited the Blue Ridge Mountain Cabins in north Georgia? Cabin rental information is available on the Blue Ridge Mountain Cabins Web site. Why not start out with my personal favorite – Mountain Magic! It’s easy to get to from the rental office. Just take the “road less traveled.”

Enjoy your vacation!


For more north Georgia cabin rental opportunities, and activities in the Blue Ridge area, you might also wish to visit the following sites:

Growing up in northeastern North Carolina, John Luton marveled as his father told stories about his childhood and World War II adventures. Bluebird in Belgium relates those wonderful stories.

Dr. Luton teaches world literature and mass communication at Elizabeth City State University. The Lutons have three grown children.

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