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The Northern Michigan Vacation Rental: Unexpected Pleasure

A northen Michigan vacation rental is beauty, peace, relaxation, fun, and excitement all rolled into one worthwhile and money conserving package.





Northern Michigan Vacation Rental

by Ryan Hannon

An Unexpected Pleasure

Many people who are contemplating vacations usually aren’t thinking of staying in Michigan, but think first of the usual hot spots like Hawaii or Florida.

Does taking a vacation automatically mean you must plan an expensive, and not to mention somewhat stressful, out-of-state trip to the same place everyone else is traveling? Why spend your hard earned money getting to an overrated, overpopulated vacationing spot when you have a very relaxing and fun filled spot right here in the Midwest?

If this sounds like more fun than the hassle of a burned out vacation, then try a northern Michigan vacation rental.

The Complete Package

A northern Michigan vacation rental offers many of those more peaceful activities that a place in Florida can’t. However, don’t think a northern Michigan vacation rental is empty of other more exhilarating pastimes because even though it may seem a serene picture of beauty, there are still plenty of adrenaline rushes to be found.

A northen Michigan vacation rental is beauty, peace, relaxation, fun, and excitement all rolled into one worthwhile and money conserving package.

A Shot of Adrenaline

For all of you thrill seekers out there, a northern Michigan vacation rental can give you access to plenty of exciting activities.

Spring, summer, and fall are perfect seasons for hiking or biking through mile after mile of hilly terrain. Northern Michigan also plays host to some of the top rated off-road trails in the U.S. Of course, northern Michigan also touches three of the five Great Lakes, which provide hundreds of sand dune areas to explore, as well as great picnic spots, and access to many water sports.

The Great Lakes produce some moderately sized waves that can be used for wind or board surfing. Winter weather in northern Michigan can be harsh with large amounts of snow. Skiing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling are one of Michigan’s highest grossing yearly industries. So whether you like winter or summer sports, northern Michigan has something for everyone.

A Picture of Serenity

If you’ve ever been to northern Michigan, you know how appealing its simple beauty can be in any season of the year. If you have yet to see what a northern Michigan vacation rental has to offer in terms of nature, then, as you may imagine, there are countless ways it can draw you in.

Spring exudes life as an infinite number of plants and animals appear from their winter hibernation to rebuild for the next one. Summer days are warm, but an abundance of lakes offer a cool release and huge forests give hikers a shady retreat. Fall’s brilliant colors are unmatched when it comes to blazing red and orange leaves against azure skies. Winter at a northern Michigan vacation rental is a wonderland that any cold weather lover can enjoy.

The Economical Choice

Planning a trip to some of the more popular vacationing areas can be intimidating. Aside from the level of stress involved, you’ll probably be spending too much money. A cross country trip easily slips into the high thousands range, especially if you’re taking family, but a northern Michigan vacation rental for an entire week can be as low as $1000.

Most rentals include full furnishings and discounts on equipment rentals for some of the activities I mentioned earlier. If expenses are a bit short this year, I recommend you check into a northern Michigan vacation rental. Who says you have to spend buckets of money to have fun?


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