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Restaurant kansas-city-Style means Lasting and Savory Memories

The Restaurant Kansas City Style experience is sure to make memories and a lasting impression on travelers passing through this town.



Kansas City Style

by Trish Williams

Restaurant Kansas City Style

Those of us who live in the Kansas City area know we are blessed with some of the best restaurants in town. I call dining in this area “Restaurant Kansas City Style,” and for the sake of this article, that’s what I’ll be using to refer not only to the great food, but also to the ambiance and whole dining experience in the Kansas City area.

Restaurant Kansas City Style, BBQ

The Kansas City area is known as the premier city for the best barbecue in the country. Experience Kansas City says, “When it comes to lip-smackin', finger-lickin', chin-dribblin', literally rib-stickin' barbecue, Kansas City holds its own. The Carolinas can rightfully claim to be the cradle of American barbecue and Texas is by far the brisket capital of the world. But Kansas City brings it all together with more than 90 barbecue joint - from little bitty eateries to full-blown, nothing-but-barbecue restaurants.”

Restaurant Kansas City Style means never compromising on flavor and quality. The barbecue in this city is a tradition, and each year contests are held throughout the area to showcase the awesome tastes, blends and amazing flavors available by barbecue connoisseurs.

Restaurant Kansas City Style, Fine Dining

While visiting Kansas City, tourists are often attracted by The Plaza. Some of the best Restaurant Kansas City Style dining will be within walking distance from any place on the Plaza. Menus are often packed with specialty items prepared by world-famous chefs. While dining in Kansas City, it’s common to be entertained by local and national jazz performers. Also, the Plaza is known for its shops and Spanish architecture. No matter what time of year, the Plaza usually attracts a crowd. People walk everywhere on the Plaza, or you can always ride the trolley or take a romantic carriage ride before dining. During Thanksgiving, the Plaza light show is something you won’t want to miss.

Restaurant, kansas-city-Style fine dining features exquisite seafood dishes, meat entrees, vegetarian specials, creative and tasty salads and desserts to die for. Many local bakeries and coffee shops are also a major attraction in the Kansas City and surrounding areas.

Restaurant Kansas City Style, Jazz Clubs

As mentioned previously, besides barbecue, Kansas City is known for its jazz. The music is part of the Restaurant Kansas City Style experience. The Savvy Traveler, Laura Ziegler said this about Kansas City jazz, “Kansas City: one of the cradles of jazz and a place where some of the greatest musicians got their start. You can go out any night of the week in Kansas City and hear jazz or blues in any number of venues.”

The most popular jazz district in Kansas City is the 18th & Vine area where the Restaurant Kansas City Style experience is always booming. Not only is there good soul food on the east side of Kansas City, there’s also a rich array of jazz clubs. This is where Count Basie, Coleman Hawkins and Charlie Parker still can be heard whaling from the trumpets, saxophones, and microphones of jazz musicians keeping the jazz tradition alive.

The Restaurant Kansas City Style experience is sure to make memories and a lasting impression on travelers passing through this town. Kansas City may be in “cow country,” but the city is alive and setting new trends year after year.


Trish Williams is a freelance writer and marketing consultant who has published numerous articles in magazines and newspapers across the country. She also works on web design, web content, graphics, promotions and copywriting.

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