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Sams Wholesale Club: Savvy Shopper’s Haven

Sams Wholesale Club is easily the most beneficial warehouse chain in America and is definitely worth the small annual fee.




Sams Wholesale Club

by Ryan Hannon

The Savvy Shopper’s Haven

As you may well know, Sams Wholesale Club is the largest and most productive chain of warehouses in America, but that doesn’t do justice to the services this giant provides its members. Sams Wholesale is today’s leading wholesale provider of more than four thousand different items and is unmatched in the services both related to and independent of the sale of these items.

Aside from the deals you will find as a member, you’ll also receive the option of an auto purchasing program, internet access, and software training, just to name a few. Being a part of the Sams Wholesale family is worth an annual membership fee, which is only $35 for the basic plan and $100 for plus.

A Quick History

Sams Wholesale Club opened for the first time in 1983. The first store was located in Midwest City, Oklahoma, and two more stores were quickly opened that same year.

Since first opening in 1983, Sams Wholesale Club has grown by leaps and bounds into more than 500 stores across the U.S., and the outlook for the future is far from bleak. Wal Mart, the parent company of Sams Wholesale Club, has maintained very steady stock and recently released numerous plans for expansion both on U.S. soil and abroad.

Benefits of Advantage Membership

As I mentioned before, having a membership to Sams Wholesale Club is worth the fee required for acceptance. Membership is separated by two categories: Advantage and Business. Advantage is for anyone who can pay $35 dollars a year.

The Advantage plan includes: access to their website, full shopping privilege at any Sams Club location, and a free membership to your spouse or family member 18 or over.

Advantage Plus is the premium plan for those who are willing to pay the $100 membership fee. This plan includes many worthwhile benefits, but I can only mention a few. One great benefit is a dental discount program that saves you money on most dental work for anyone in the household. Another advantage included in the Plus plan is a travel service that gives a discount on cruises, car rentals, and weekend getaways.

The Small Business Owner’s Friend

The second category of membership to Sams Wholesale Club is Business Advantage, which provides hard to find services that are otherwise more expensive. For $30, Sams Club provides the same benefits as the Advantage plan, and tax exempt purchases at any Sams Club location. Business Advantage also allows up to eight secondary memberships for only $30 per additional membership, and your Club card can be used as a credit card with no interest.

As with the Advantage plan a Business Advantage member can also upgrade to a Plus plan. The Business Plus membership is priced at $100 and provides even more invaluable extras. First is a 20 percent savings on personal, business, and life insurance for you, your family, your employees, and your employee’s families. Secondly, Sams Club provides its Business Plus members with small business payroll processing that includes calculation, payment, and filling of federal, state, and local taxes.

One more great inclusion is a small business retirement plan that is up to 40 percent cheaper than other providers. Sams Wholesale Club is easily the most beneficial warehouse chain in America and is definitely worth the small annual fee.

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