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San Antonio Riverwalk Hotel

With the building of Hemisfair Park for the 1968 World’s Fair, the Riverwalk was extended and attracted a slew of quality restaurants and shops. Nothing is a far walk from your San Antonio Riverwalk hotel.








San Antonio Riverwalk Hotel

by Shari Bookstaff

Where to stay

A visit to San Antonio must include experiencing the San Antonio Riverwalk. Hotels on the Riverwalk include two Marriott Hotels: the Marriott Riverwalk and the Marriott Rivercenter. The Marriott Rivercenter is the larger of the two hotels, with its own shops, restaurants, bars and cafes. It is located opposite the convention center and Rivercenter Mall. It's a great choice of a San Antonio Riverwalk hotel.

The story of the Riverwalk

The Riverwalk is actually the result of a horrible flood that destroyed many homes and business and killed over 50 people in 1921. The Olmos Dam was constructed to divert water overflow into a canal, then the Oxbow Canal. This was supposed to be closed off, submerged, and made into a huge drain underneath downtown.

Instead, a small group of people formed the San Antonio Conservation Society and decided to preserve the Riverwalk and transform it into an attraction. The project took off slowly, but with the building of Hemisfair Park for the 1968 World’s Fair, the Riverwalk was extended and attracted a slew of quality restaurants and shops. Nothing is a far walk from your San Antonio Riverwalk hotel.

On the Riverwalk

From your San Antonio Riverwalk hotel, you can take a walk down cobblestone steps onto the Riverwalk itself. Guided River Cruises, with a narration of the history of this area, are a great way to get the feel of San Antonio.

At night, the streets are lit up, and a night cruise on the river can offer up romance that you can rarely find outside of Venice. During the Mexican Fiesta and Christmas, all the trees are amply decorated for a beautiful sight. When walking on the Riverwalk, it seems as though you are far from a city.

Downtown San Antonio

One of the most appealing aspects of vacationing in San Antonio is that you can walk to most of the great downtown attractions. Your San Antonio Riverwalk Hotel is a great starting point to your vacation. Within walking distance is Hemisfair Park, built for the 1968 World’s Fair.

The Tower of the Americas is a 750-foot tall tower offering spectacular views of the city. The restaurant, at 550 feet and the lounge just above it can help you plan your walking tour of San Antonio. Just northeast of the Riverwalk, you’ll come across some hotels with familiar names, like the Crockett Hotel, named after none other than Davey Crockett. Davey Crockett was a key figure in the battle of the Alamo, the most famous attraction in the area.

Elsewhere in San Antonio

Just a couple of miles from downtown San Antonio, Brackenridge Park is a nice getaway for San Antonio natives, with some quiet areas and popular attractions. The San Antonio Zoo, Brackenridge Stables and Japanese Tea Gardens are all things to see and do in the park

A few more miles from your San Antonio Riverwalk hotel you’ll find Sea World of Texas and Splashtown. Sea World has become more than an oceanarium in recent years. A water park, amusement park, animal show park and of course, a marine life park are all part of the new Sea World. Look for multi-day value passes or annual passes if you plan to visit often. Splashtown is one of the largest water parks in the country and a great way to cool off in the Texas heat.

Choose your San Antonio Riverwalk hotel with care, look for a great location and have fun!


Shari Bookstaff is a biology professor in northern California, where she lives with her two children. Shari is an avid nature lover, sports fan and photographer.

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