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San Antonio Riverwalk Hotels

There are so many great San Antonio Riverwalk hotels that you’d probably find yourself in a quandary just trying to make your lodging selection. That is, unless you have a personal guide...




San Antonio Riverwalk Hotels

by Dr. John Luton

If you’re looking for fabulous, waterside accommodations in San Antonio, Riverwalk hotels with superior ratings can be found in abundance. As a matter of fact, there are so many great San Antonio Riverwalk hotels that you’d probably find yourself in a quandary just trying to make your lodging selection. That is, unless you have a personal guide -- which is where I come in!

In this Guide to San Antonio Riverwalk Hotels, I’ll introduce you to two of the best hotels this great city has to offer. Keep in mind, each one of these hotels has been included on my very short list for a special reason. So, be on the lookout for that one outstanding feature that makes each one of these San Antonio Riverwalk hotels absolutely irresistible!

After we’ve made a brief stop at each location, I’ll share some other great resources that will make your visit to San Antonio, Texas, an experience you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Coming up first on our list of great San Antonio Riverwalk hotels is …

The Hyatt Regency ~ Fabulous Views of historic San Antonio!

One of the drawing cards for this hotel is its location on the beautiful banks of the San Antonio River, which flows right through the hotel! If you get tired from checking out all the great dining and entertainment possibilities, you can always ascend to the Hyatt Regency’s 16th floor garden atrium. From that high vantage point, you can take in one of the most scenic views of the King William historic district and the beautiful river that bears the city’s name.

Providing easy access to the San Antonio International Airport, the 632-room Hyatt Regency provides its guests with a perfect blend of classic elegance and the charm of old Texas. If these are high on your list of must-haves, the Hyatt is the place for you!

If you like the charm and elegance of a downtown hotel, but you’re also looking for a personalized touch, as well as outstanding amenities, you’ll really fall in love with the second on our list of great San Antonio Riverwalk hotels …

The San Antonio Riverwalk Plaza Resort Hotel and Conference Center ~ For that Personal Touch!

At the San Antonio Riverwalk Hotel, you’ll still be able to tap into all the Texas charm and elegance of the historic district, but the guests of this great hotel also find both a “home away from home” and an “office on the road.”

Relax in style with executive accommodations. Visit the shops of the area’s many fine merchants, but don’t overlook the excellent gift shop, El Mercado, located right in the hotel lobby.

And the service! -- You’ll find that the staff of the San Antonio Riverwalk Hotel is responsive to your every need. In fact, they put service to their guests above everything!

If you’re looking for a great place to stretch your legs, why not take a stroll on the beautiful Riverwalk? Or, visit Market Square, The Alamo, or the King William Historic District? For you business folks, and sports enthusiasts, the Convention Center and the Alamodome are also close by!

Okay, we’ve looked at two great San Antonio Riverwalk hotels, but we’re not done yet. In fact, I would be remiss if I didn’t invite you to check out the other great hotels in the San Antonio area. Some offer travelers’ and Internet users’ discounts that are simply too good to pass up.

With all the wonderful accommodations available in the San Antonio area, I’m sure you’ll find a hotel that suits your needs perfectly!

Thanks for visiting Luton’s San Antonio Riverwalk Hotels Guide, and enjoy your stay in the beautiful city on the San Antonio River!

Dr. John Luton

“Your personal guide to great hotels!”


About the Author: Dr. John W. Luton

Before joining the mass communication faculty at Elizabeth City State University in North Carolina, Dr. Luton served as pastor of churches in Maryland and North Carolina for more than 20 years. He is a licensed clinical pastoral counselor with the National Christian Counselors Association and he holds the advanced certification.

Dr. Luton is also the primary author of Mastering Pastoral Counseling Utilizing Temperament, a Phase II course that is offered by the NCCA as part of its national licensure program for pastoral counselors. The course is used in many seminaries and counselor training centers throughout the nation.


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