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San Antonio Vacation

Your San Antonio vacation has to include a touch of Mexico.








San Antonio Vacation

by Shari Bookstaff

A Weekend Getaway: San Antonio Vacation

San Antonio has some popular attractions and the perfect proximity to several large Texas cities to make it a great destination for a weekend getaway. Just hours away from Houston, Austin and Dallas, many Texans find a weekend of fun in San Antonio. Vacation dream! From a tour of the Alamo to a day at Sea World, a San Antonio vacation offers a variety of activities.

Tower with a View. The Tower of the Americas in Hemisfair Park, built for the 1968 World’s Fair, offers a spectacular view of all of San Antonio. Vacation planning is a snap with this bird’s-eye view of San Antonio. At a height of 750 feet, it is taller than the Seattle Space Needle, has a fabulous outdoor walkway (not for the acrophobic!), and a restaurant with breathtaking views at 550 feet. The “High in the Sky Lounge”, above the restaurant is a great place for drinks before dinner or dancing the night away afterwards.

Splashtown USA. One of the largest water parks in the country, Splashtown USA provides much relief from the Texas sun during your San Antonio vacation. Located just 3 miles from the heart of the city, spend a lazy day on the lazy river (floating on inner tubes), jump the waves in the wave pool or try balancing and jumping on floating lily pads. For the adventurous, you can speed down twisting and turning water slides. Yes, everything’s bigger in Texas! The Lonestar Luge is a water bobsled ride, spanning the length of 2 football fields. You begin this adventure seven stories high! Splashtown offers 20 acres of water fun with high slides, low slides, and even water slides built into a river!

Sea World. Sea World San Antonio is more than just an oceanarium. There are actually four parks in one, with a water slide park, amusement park, a show park, and of course, the marine life park. It would be tough to spend just one day of your San Antonio vacation at Sea World, but if you live in Texas, you can plan on visiting several times a year. The yearly passes work out pretty well if you visit Sea World more than twice a year.

El Mercado. The Mexican flavor of a typical San Antonio vacation extends to shopping sprees. The El Mercado, or Market Square, is the largest Mexican marketplace outside of Mexico. Handcrafted items, and freshly picked fruits and vegetables are sold here by local merchants. Some of the finer San Antonio restaurants are also here, and most weekends you’ll find some sort of party or festival that gives folks a reason to put on their dancing shoes. San Antonio has a strong Mexican influence, and Mexican holidays are bright and festive. Your San Antonio vacation has to include a touch of Mexico.

River Walk. And last but not least, the quintessential San Antonio experience: The River Walk. This amazing sidestep of the San Antonio River offers gondola rides, umbrella covered tables at sidewalk cafes, cute shops and beautiful scenery. Originally constructed to prevent flooding, San Antonio has developed this area in the midst of downtown into a tourist Mecca. Your San Antonio vacation is not complete without seeing the River Walk.

Shari Bookstaff is a biology professor in northern California, where she lives with her two children. Shari is an avid nature lover, sports fan and photographer.

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