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San Francisco Rental Areas: Best Places to Look

Below are descriptions of some of the best locations to purchase San Francisco rental property and homes. All of these areas have different qualities that make them unique and special.



San Francisco Rental Areas

by Patrick Austin

San Francisco Rental Areas

Looking for some San Francisco rental property? Want to spend some time away from your home in a beautiful beach house or condominium? Then you should definitely keep reading. Below are descriptions of some of the best locations to purchase San Francisco rental property and homes. All of these areas have different qualities that make them unique and special. Take a look and decide which is best for you…

San Francisco Rental Area—Union Square

Union Square is located in the heart of the city and centers around a manicured park with the naval monument topped with a bronze Goddess of Victory, which was erected in 1903. Union Square was so named by the city’s first American mayor, John Geary, on the eve of the Civil War because demonstrations were held here in support of Union’s troops. So if you purchase some San Francisco rental property in this area, you’ll be surrounded by history.

Today, the park is bordered by fashionable stores, major retailers and hotels, and is one of San Francisco’s major shopping areas. The adjoining streets are lined with restaurants, theaters, boutiques, galleries, shops and services. Adjacent is Maiden Lane, which is a historic two-block alley lined with upscale shops, cafes and salons. Architectural buffs will be particularly interested in this San Francisco rental area due to the Frank Lloyd Wright building, the only Wright-designed structure in the city.

San Francisco Rental Area--Chinatown

Chinatown was a gift to San Francisco from the Republic of China in 1969. The characters above the gate proclaim “Everything in the world is in just proportions.” This San Francisco rental area is home to one of North America’s largest Chinese communities. Chinatown is a bustling eighteen square blocks of pure entertainment and commerce.

San Francisco Rental Area—North Beach

Centered along Columbus Avenue, North Beach is known for its Italian heritage and bakeries, restaurants, and parlors which create a definitive Mediterranean flavor. This San Francisco rental area was once a mecca for the “Beat Generation” of the ’60s. Ironically, it’s now a favored residential area for young professionals.

You won’t turn a corner without enjoying the smell of freshly roasted coffee from the many quaint cafes and local roasteries. Points of interest include Washington Square which was named in honor of the first president of the United States, George Washington. The square is overlooked by the majestic white towers of the Church of Saints Peter and Paul.

Mr. Austin is a freelance journalist for Pulse MEDIA International. He also covers sports and health for a number of web sites including RealGM.com, Hoopsworld.com, and Fanstop.com, and entertainment and sports for Vainquer magazine.

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