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Wholesale Candy: Sticky Sweet Brands, Vending, and Warehouses

The kind of wholesale candy available is almost unimaginable. Every kind of candy you can conceive or can’t is there for the buying


Wholesale Candy

by Sandhya Thukaram

Have A Wholesale Candy Feast!

Remember when you thought that if you could have just one wish come true, you’d wish for all the candy in the world. That was just before you grew up and discovered pleasures of the un-candy kind. But candy dreams are safe, and with the wholesale candy vending machines available these days, they actually come true! The kind of wholesale candy available is almost unimaginable. Every kind of candy you can conceive or can’t is there for the buying. If you wish to give your children the best present ever, then just get online to a wholesale candy site and make dreams come true.

Wholesale candy categories are so extensive that it’s like making a new discovery all the time. Some of the kinds that are sold wholesale are:
Altoids, Amorini Hearts, Birth Announcement Candies, Box Chocolates, Brach’s Unwrapped Candy, Brach’s Wrapped Candy, Bubble Gum, Bulk Unwrapped Candy, Candy Bars, Christmas Stocking Stuffers, Custom Label Candy, Easter Candy, Edible Insects, Fund Raising Lollipops, Gourmet Candy, Gummi Candy, Halloween Candy, Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, Jordan Almonds, Licorice, Marshmallow peeps and then some! It really is fun to go through a wholesale candy list and make up your own candy feast!

Wholesale Candy From Your Very Own Vending Machine

Owning a vending machine with an assortment of candy sold wholesale is, almost like being a part of harry Potter’s magic at Hogwarts.

The 10000A vending machine comes with wholesale candy comprising of about 850 assortments. You could have smile gum balls, runts, peanuts, Mike&Ikes or chickle gum. Your very own personal message come for free. This wholesale candy vending machine is priced at about $89.95.
The Ashland Trivend machine is an all-steel, three-head vending machine that comes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. Filled with wholesale candy like gum, pan candies and nuts it costs $145.00. There is a wide choice of vending machines to buy and fill with candy; all sold wholesale at a great price.

Wholesale candy Warehouses

Brach’s Confections is one of America’s leading candy manufacturers of wholesale candy as well as seasonal candy. Emil J.Brach established the company in 1904. Some of the wholesale candies they manufacture are:
Brach’s A&W Root Beer Barrels priced at $29.75 for 6.5lb.
Brach’s Abracabubble Bubble Gum priced at $31.03 for a 7.5lb bag.
Brach’s butterscotch Disks at $29.8 for 7lb.
This of course, is just the tip of the “candy-berg”!

McKeesport Candy Co. is one of America’s oldest wholesale candy companies. They offer an awesome 2600 items in their candy warehouse.

They stock Brach’s, Colorworks M&M’s, Jelly Belly JellyBeans, Jordan Almonds, hard to find Retro candy, and much more. Most wholesale candy is stored in temperature controlled warehouses and the stock is rotated every week to make sure the stock is always fresh.

The next time you feel the fun has gone out of your life, juts awaken the child in you and do some serious candy shopping. Life, I guarantee will be very sweet!

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