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New Balance Basketball Shoes: Fit, Breathability, and Shock Absorption

New Balance basketball shoes maximize on-court performance.


New Balance Basketball Shoes

by Sandhya Thukaram

New Balance Basketball Shoes: The History Of A Classic Shoe

It’s always good to know the history of your shoes and with New Balance basketball shoes you know you got the right balance. Today, New Balance basketball shoes are known for their fit and performance enhancement. But behind this state of the art shoe is about a hundred years of fine tuning the art of right fit.

It all began at the turn of the century when William J. Riley, an English immigrant, started helping people with problem feet by making arch supports and prescription foot wear to improve shoe fit. Over the years the ownership changed hands but emphasis on fit and quality endured.

In 1961, way before the New Balance basketball shoes came into being, the company manufactured the Trackster. This was the world’s first performance running shoe and soon became the choice of college running coaches and fitness directors. From then to now, when amongst several other products, the company manufactures the New Balance basketball shoes that promises to maximize performance on court.

New Balance Basketball Shoes Fit To Perfection

The world’s leading manufacturer of high performance footwear and apparel has an extensive range of New Balance basketball shoes that fit to perfection for men, women and kids. So even if your are not a serious team player (which incidentally is a perfect reason to wear the perfectly crafted New Balance basketball shoes), you can make it a family sport! New Balance basketball shoes come in a full range of widths, from AA to EEEE so everyone really can fit into these really cool shoes.

Women’s New Balance Basketball Shoes Are Available In the Following Fit

2A – narrow
B- medium
D- wide
2E – extra wide

The latest styles of women’s New Balance basketball shoes that are available

WB886WB with supportive cushioning and in 9 really smart colors
WB880WT in six different colors
WB785W in six different colors

Kid’s New Balance Basketball shoes

KB610BK available in three colors
KB885WB available in three colors
KB610WN available in three colors
KB610WS available in three colors

Men’s New Balance Basketball Shoes- Sizes and Styles

2A- Extra Narrow
B – Narrow
D – Medium
2E – Wide
4E- Extra Wide
6E – XX Wide

BB901WB- supportive cushioning and available in 9colors
BB785WB- built low to the ground for out standing traction and court feel
and available in 5colors
BB650RY – lightweight and available in 2 colors
BB880HW- for stability and available in 2 colors

More Styles And More Found In New Balance Basketball Shoes

New Balance Basketball shoes come in several styles to suit individual tastes and needs but the common reasons to wear these great quality shoes are

  • New Balance Basketball shoes have superior mid-cuts with suspension support system and ABZORB cushioning.
  • Provides shock absorption for heel strikers
  • Full grain smooth leather uppers provide breathable comfort
  • IMEVA Midsole- Lightweight injection molded EVA provides cushioning and flexibility
  • Solid Rubber Outsole –Provides long wearing durability

Apart from all this New Balance Basketball shoes are fairly affordable especially considering the quality it is stamped with. There are also great deals on for New Balance basketball shoes starting from $59 -$85. It’s a great idea to go shopping around for your very own pair of New Balance basketball shoes and go Slam-Dunk!

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