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Womens Timberland Boot: Quality, Style, and Money Well Spent

There maybe a variety in the range of Womens timberland boot that is available but the one thing that is constant is the unimpeachable quality that comes with the Timberland name.


Womens Timberland Boot

by Sandhya Thukaram

Womens Timberland Boot: She’s Come A Long Way

The Womens timberland boot today stands for quality, for style and for money well spent. But the Womens timberland boot is no upstart; it comes with a good solid history of shoe evolution.

Back in 1918, when the Womens timberland boot hadn’t quite been conceived yet, Timberland founder, Nathan Swartz started as an apprentice stitcher in a small Boston Massachusetts company. After honing the craft of producing fine leather boots, Swartz bought half of Abington Shoe Company and the Womens timberland boot came closer to conception, not yet, though. In 1955,the family bought the whole company and made shoes for leading manufacturers. It was in the 1960’s that the first break through came with the introduction of injection molding technology and thus was born fused soles to leather uppers without stitching.

Timberland began as the brand name for the original waterproof leather boot but it became so popular that the company itself became Timberland Company. Apart from the classic Womens timberland boot, casual shoes were also manufactured from 1978.

The company just kept growing and soon to the men timberland boot and Womens timberland boot, were added an entire contemporary collection, till Timberland expanded into the International Lifestyle brand it is today.

Everything A Woman Wants In Style And Comfort: A Timberland Boot:

The Womens timberland boot comes in various styles and colors offering a great deal of choice. There maybe a variety in the range of the Womens timberland boot that is available but the one thing that is constant is the unimpeachable quality that comes with the Timberland name! Like mentioned earlier there is a huge choice but some of the Womens timberland boot styles that I particularly like are:

Womens Euro Hiker Fuchsia Rose-Nubuck at around $70 is the perfect Womens timberland boot for exploring all types of terrain with excellent support, suspension and all round out door performance.

Womens Water Proof 14” Patchwork Navy at around $200. This Womens timberland boot is my absolute favorite. Made from premium waterproof leather and embossed with Timberland logos, it combines the durability and quality of the Timberland name with a hip, contemporary sense of style.

The Womens Premium 14” Boot Wheat is great to wear with skirts and loose fitting dresses. It is part of the Premium series and made from soft Nubuck.

The Womens Mukluk Pull-on Boot which retails for about $160 is the ideal Womens timberland boot for cold weather and is insulated to protect from all elements. To me, it is kind of Timberland’s answer to the ugg style boot though not necessarily so.

The Womens Timberland Boot And Then Some:

The Timberland Company is a huge International Lifestyle brand today. It has expanded to include a wide product range and the Womens timberland boot is just one of its creations. The Timberland Company has a clothesline that includes knit tops, woven skirts, sweaters, pants skirts for women. Accessories include belts, blankets, backpacks, gloves, handbags, hats, laces, socks, wallets and watches. So you might step in to buy the perfect Womens timberland boot but walk out with a whole lot more!


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