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Ugg Style Boot: Celebrities Confirm Fashion Smarts of Uggs Footwear

Now, the ultra-cool Ugg style boot cushions many a celebrity's feet.


Ugg Style Boot

by Sandhya Thukaram

The Ugg Style Boot – Ugh? Not Really!

Once every now and then, up waltzes a fashion statement with a past, in this case the Ugg Style Boot. Literally coined from the word ugly (ugh!) the Ugg style boot refers to an Australian sheepskin boot. UGG is now however, the trademark of the boots made by the U.S company UGG Australia. The Ugg style boot, is therefore, marketed by Australian manufacturers as Australian sheepskin boots. These boots were originally worn by World War I Pilots and by Australian farmers in the 1930’s to keep their feet warm in winter. Now though the ultra cool Ugg style boot cushions many a celebrities feet.

When Kate Moss wore the short Ugg style boot, suddenly from Australian farmers in the 1930’s and later West Australian surfers in the 1980’s, it has now become a no rules, hip and swinging foot fashion! The Ugg style boot can today take you to office, out to dine, vacation! The ubiquitous Ugg style boot is not considered so “ugh!” after all. Big fans of these trendy boots are Oprah Winfrey, Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton among others from the celebrity list.

A Multi-dimensional Boot:

The Ugg style boot is available in short and tall styles. Some are flat-heeled slip ons and some come with chunky heels and laces. Women Ugg style boots are available in colors from pink and purple to tan and brown and are very easy on the eye. The Ugg Style boot for men is usually available in neutral colors. Currently, there is a high demand for these Australian sheepskin boots – there are many companies who now make Ugg style boots with the same high quality sheepskin, which is as stylish and durable as the original UGG Australia brand. The Classic styles come as short and tall boots. The classic Ugg style boot can be rolled up or down and is fully lined with real Australian sheepskin. This style offers great comfort and a great natural fit.

There are so many colors, styles and details available by way of Ugg style boots and many companies manufacturing them in the same high quality. There’s an Ugg style boot of nearly every description, fluffy, neutral, pastel etc but the one thing in common is that they are all casual, trendy and comfortable. They look great with jeans for men and women can wear them with both jeans and skirts. Usually the Ugg style boot is worn without socks.

Points To Note for the Upkeep of the Ugg Style Boot:

The Ugg style boot is as comfortable as any shoe or boot could possibly be and trendy to boot! It doesn’t take a lot to maintain an Ugg style boot if simple rules are followed. Never put an Ugg style boot in the washing machine. It only has to be hand washed and that too only in cold water as hot water can damage the shoe. An Ugg style boot should never be dried in the dryer or under direct sunlight. The ideal way to dry is to keep the boots in a well-ventilated place to dry naturally.

In case these boots get soggy and shapeless after a wash, paper towels can be stuffed to regain the desired shape and then left to dry. Most companies that manufacture the Ugg style boot also manufacture special cleaners and conditioners with special oils to help keep these boots in mint condition.

The Ugg style boot is ideal for commuting, walking in towns and cities and for cold weather upto –30deg F. It is not ideal for muddy, wet and slushy conditions and not very good when there is deep snow. Whatever else it is on isn’t, the Ugg style boot has become a fashion statement, quite comfortably!

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