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Ugg Sundance Boot: Comfy, Stylish, and Definitely Still In

The Ugg Sundance boot has been made a huge success by celebrities who have discovered these boots and have come to adore them, wearing them everywhere.


Ugg Sundance Boot

by Rachel Johnson

The Ugg Sundance Boot is Hot, Hot, Hot!!

The new fashion trend for boots is the Ugg boot. The Ugg boot has been available for a long time as has been known as Ug, Ugg, or Ugh. Ugg is descriptive of the leather used for this style of boot. Ugg Austrailia is the company that has made the trend such a huge hit, providing styles such as the Ugg Sundance boot as well as many others. The Ugg Sundance boot has been made a huge success by celebrities who have discovered these boots and have come to adore them, wearing them everywhere.

The Ugg Sundance boot really is as comfortable as it looks. Comfy shearling lines this rustic boot and spills over the edge of the boot, adding to its simple style. The genuine fleece liner provides first class comfort and warmth. The sole is replaceable, removable, and is even washable so that they maintain their newness and comfort over time. The best cowhide is used for the heel and toe to help the boot maintain its quality and appearance. While the boot is somewhat modest, it does feature a fashionable inch and a quarter heel so that it can easily be dressed up or dressed down.

The Ugg Sundance boot is considered a short boot with a shaft height of just over ten inches and a circumference of sixteen inches! The perfect short boot for versatility. These boots look great with jeans, and look stunning with a cute skirt. What’s great about them is that they slip off and on very quickly, so if you need to change from one style of dress to another, these can accommodate the need and enhance both looks.

The Ugg Sundance boot retails for roughly $185.00 and that may seem like a lot, but these quality boots will last as long as you want to wear them, making them an investment! There are some online retailers that may carry the Ugg Sundance boot for slightly cheaper, but this seems to be the price range you’ll find most often. The Ugg Sundance boot is usually offered in a few different colors, although the more natural colors seem to be the best selling. The Ugg Sundance is only available in full sizes. If you wear a half size, order the full size under your normal shoe size and they should fit perfectly.

Many fashion magazines say the Ugg boot is now “out” but comfortable Ugg owners dispute this myth and say they will keep wearing and buying the boots for as long as they’re made. Now, how can they be out if so many people still love them?! The Ugg Sundance boot is most definitely “in”! Go get ‘em!


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