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Wholesale Knife Brokers Online: Useful and Collectible Knives

Probably my favorite set of knives to take camping is a set of three identical throwing knives that I bought for fifteen dollars at a reservation trading post in the Sierra Nevada mountains a couple of years ago. Recently I found the exact same knives for $5.95 online, from a wholesale knife distributor.


Wholesale Knife Brokers

by James Dyer

Wholesale knife brokers on the internet: the collector’s best friend.

I am a knife and sword collector, I have always admired the efficiency and clean lines of bladed tools and weapons; but I am also a single father and student, so I have to live on a tight budget. I have found that the internet is a great source for feeding my hobby needs. There are dozens, if not hundreds of wholesale knife brokers online, and most of the top brands of cutlery also have online stores, where you can get the knife of your dreams for a fraction of the retail price.

Most people believe that you need to go to a specialty store to find quality collectable knives.

You can find one in any good mall, and you will pay top dollar for attractive and practical knives of various types. Some of these stores even carry a limited selection of balanced throwing knives, swords, war axes and spears, for the hard-core collector. The prices though always make me think I should be buying a car, or at least some high-end electronics. I have found that you can get the same knives, at a fraction of the cost with just a little online research. Not only that, you don’t have to walk through the mall with a battle axe in a shopping bag, getting odd looks from all those humdrum consumers who just don’t appreciate nice steel. You never have to leave your living room; Internet wholesale knife brokers will ship your order right to your house.

For those of you who like to collect, and be able to use your tools.

There are some excellent quality blades available from wholesale knife websites, at a price that won’t break your wallet if you have to replace them because they were damaged in a throwing competition. Probably my favorite set of knives to take camping is a set of three identical throwing knives that I bought for fifteen dollars at a reservation trading post in the Sierra Nevada mountains a couple of years ago. Recently, I found the exact same knives for $5.95 online from a wholesale knife distributor. This means that I have the camping set in the trunk of my car, and I went ahead and ordered a backup set, which I can keep in the collection, and break out if I miss my target and wind up breaking the point off one of my “use” knives.

Wholesale knife traders on the net have a selection that can’t be beat.

Follow one of the links on this page to find an amazing selection of quality knives and other blades at a price you can afford. For those of you looking for top name knives at wholesale prices try They carry a huge selection of quality knives at wholesale prices, 30-50% off MSR. And, for the shopper who doesn’t mind buying off brand equipment, as long as the quality is good, try, they have an amazing selection of knives, daggers, axes, swords, and other blades at real wholesale prices ranging from less than five dollars.

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