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Wholesale Picture Frame: Typical and Atypical Uses for Picture Frames

When you buy a wholesale picture frame you know you’re
getting a bargain so you’re not as likely to worry about buying a new
frame. This is important if you like to change the look of your home
by frequently putting up new art or pictures.



Wholesale Picture Frame

by Brian Honeycutt

Creative Ways to Use Your Wholesale Picture Frame

A picture frame starts as a more or less blank slate. You can
decorate it any way you want to and put any picture you want in it. But
there are lots of other creative ways you can use your wholesale
picture frame. For example, last Christmas my girlfriend and I
bought a bunch of picture frames and decorated them with paint,
colorful pipe cleaners, enamel, and other arts and crafts material.
Then we made several copies of a picture of us we liked and gave it
to our relatives for Christmas as a gift. This was a nice way to give a
personalized gift to our family because they didn’t really have any
recent pictures of us. With Valentine’s Day coming up this could be a
great way to give that special someone a gift that comes from the
heart and contains something that reminds them of love: a picture of

You can also use your wholesale picture frame to decorate your
My friend and San Diego based artist Michael Michelle took a
bunch of wooden picture frames and hung them in front of a wall by
attaching several of them in rows and columns using small chains.
He then placed small mirrors or pictures inside each frame. When
he was done he had this cool looking string of little framed mirrors
and pictures. This is something that just about anyone can do to add
some spice to his or her décor.

Your wholesale picture frame could also help your small business.
Here’s a good example: my friend Mark (although he doesn’t always
admit it) is a great artist, and he had several of his paintings thumb
tacked to his walls. I suggested that he buy some cheap picture
frames wholesale to make his art look better. After thinking about it
he decided to do this. The result was that his artwork looked a lot
better and a lot more professional when he showed it to interested
buyers. Not to mention that his art was now much better protected.
Wholesale picture frames are also god for photography shops, art
stores, or any business that just wants to make their store look

Another thing you can do with a few inexpensive picture frames is
glue or screw them together in specific ways to create new objects.

Here’s an idea: take 4 picture frames of the same size (which they
should be if you bought a wholesale picture frame) and screw or
glue them together in the shape of a box. Now all you need to do is
attach the right sized base to the four picture frames and you have
yourself a personalized box with pictures of your friends, family, or
pets in it.

Wholesale picture frames are really nice if you often redecorate your
When you buy a wholesale picture frame you know you’re
getting a bargain so you’re not as likely to worry about buying a new
frame. This is important if you like to change the look of your home
by frequently putting up new art or pictures. If you hadn’t bought the
frames at a wholesale price you probably would be reluctant to
spend a decent amount of money on another frame just because
your new picture won’t fit in the old frame.

Picture frames can also be used to make a simple mobile for your
child or home.
Simply take your picture frames, some sturdy string
(or better yet thick rope or chain) and some kind of ring-like object.
Now attach the rope to the top of each of the picture frames. Then
you attach each piece of rope to the ring in a design of your
choosing. Now all that’s left to do is insert pictures into the frame,
decorate the frames if you wish, and hang the mobile where you
want it to be. Now isn’t that an easy way to do something creative
with a wholesale picture frame?

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