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Wholesale Sun Glasses: Need a Cheap Pair of Shades?

A failure to use proper medical precautions can cause one to search frantically for a pair of wholesale sun glasses.


Wholesale Sun Glasses

by Sue Chehrenegar

The Importance of Wholesale Sun Glasses

Does your emergency kit contain a pair of wholesale sun glasses? You never know when you might suddenly find yourself in need of a cheap pair of shades. Let us examine some of the situations in which a pair of wholesale sun glasses will come in handy.

A Possible Reason to Use Wholesale Sun Glasses

A failure to use proper medical precautions can cause one to search frantically for a pair of wholesale sun glasses. If one uses eye drops repeatedly to moisten dry eyes or to reduce the redness in tired eyes, then one can be unpleasantly surprised. The eye-drop user will find that the eye drops are showing a decreased ability to correct the condition that led to their use. This is because the repeated use of eye drops produces a contraction of the blood vessels in the eye.

The sudden realization that one’s eye vessels are in a semi-permanent condition of contraction can call for a quick trip to a store that sells wholesale sun glasses. The sun glasses will provide a rapid and low-cost “cover” for the unsightly eyes that have resulted from repeated use of eye drops.

An Actual Case of “Need Wholesale Sun Glasses Now!”

The following story took place more than ten years ago, when one biotechnology company in Los Angeles had decided to undertake a good deal of remodeling. Something in one of the chemicals that had been used by the contractors triggered an allergic reaction in one of the employees. Any other day this reaction would not have meant that wholesale sun glasses were in order. On this particular day, however, that was precisely the case.

The allergic reaction produced a noticeable redness and swelling around the right eye of a female Research Associate. The problem was that this female worker wanted to go that very night to a meeting at the local Middle School. Her older son was in fifth grade, and the School had invited prospective parents to hear a talk by the School principal. Unfortunately, the woman had no wholesale sun glasses.

Wholesale sun glasses would have offered this woman a foolproof way to conceal her swollen eye while attending that meeting. Because she did not have those wholesale sun glasses, this woman had to resort to the use of excess make-up. Later this same woman again tried to establish contact with the instructors at the instructors at the Middle School, and again she could have used wholesale sun glasses.

This second attempt came on an Earth Day, when many Middle School instructors helped with the clean-up of a creek, a creek adjacent to the campus of the Middle School. Of course the donning of wholesale sun glasses on that day might have produced a “mask” on the face of that busy working woman. Then she would have looked funny at the very place where this story first began.

At one time Sue Chehrenegar pursued a career in biomedical research, but she has now taken on the challenges of the freelance writer.  She has written for Vainquer Teens, for Nature Friend Magazine, and for

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