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Hawaii Helicopter Tour: Birdseye View of All the Islands' Beauty

Take a Hawaii Helicopter Tour (from as little as $105) and a whole new world is revealed.








Hawaii Helicopter Tour

by Peter Sylvester

The Hawaii Helicopter Tour is an absolute ‘must’ for anybody visiting these islands. At ground level you are sun drenched and happy - but inevitably your view is restricted.

Take a Hawaii helicopter tour (from as little as $105) and a whole new world is revealed - for as you rise gently above the land you suddenly realise just how much you might have missed.

There is a lot to be said about days dawdling in the sun, meandering the beach in search of fantasy and fun - but to see a whole different panorama opening before your eyes is to realise there is more to life than just sunbathing and swimming.

Hawaii Helicopter Tour from Oahu

Known as the ‘Gathering Place’ Oahu is one point from which to commence a Hawaii Helicopter Tour.

As you rise above the heliport and begin to see the island as a whole you begin to understand what a remarkable place it is.

Geographically it has a quite extraordinary array of different landscapes. Miles of glistening beaches, valleys, mountains and the surrounding blue sea.

The Hawaii Helicopter Tour opens like a stage set - showing you a new world so much richer than you had imagined.

And, of course, you suddenly become aware that this is where America commemorates the war in the Pacific. Suddenly you see Pearl Harbor, the Arizona Memorial, the USS Missouri, and Punchbowl.

The Hawaii Helicopter Tour can bring a tear to the eye as well as a gladness to the heart.

Hawaii Helicopter Tour - Other Trips

These can be taken from, for instance, Molokai, Maui or Hawaii. With prices generally between $100 and $300 you can see practically the whole of Hawaii (pretty good because for the vast majority of it it’s only accessible by helicopter!)

Hawaii Helicopter Tour provides you with views of sugar cane and pineapple fields, the tallest waterfall, volcanoes and the triple canopy tropical forest.

You cannot underestimate the effect such a trip has on you - and on your view of life.

The aloha spirit is enhanced by the wonders of a Hawaii Helicopter Tour.

And if you combine the visit with Atlantis submarine tours, snorkelling or riding you can make significant savings on these booked individually.

This really is a great tour to go on.



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