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Jimmy Choo Shoes


"Jimmy Choo shoes are never overtly fashionable yet are equal in elegance to the designer clothes they are usually worn with."






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Jimmy Choo Shoes
by Patrick Austin

Mr. Austin is a freelance writer who writes about virtually anything that interests him on PulseMed. He also covers sports and health for a number of web sites including,, and, and entertainment and sports for Vainquer magazine.

Looking for some snazzy designer shoes? Want a brand that’s hip, stylish, and out of the ordinary? If so, then you should definitely look into buying some Jimmy Choo shoes. They combine class, style, and comfortability.

All Jimmy Choo shoes are hand made. This is Jimmy Choo’s perfectionist craftsmanship, which is on full display in their exquisite detail. Jimmy Choo shoes are never overtly fashionable yet are equal in elegance to the designer clothes they are usually worn with.

Jimmy Choo was born in Penang, Malaysia in 1961 into a family of shoe makers. He made his first shoe when he was only eleven years old. He attended Cordwainers's Technical College in London and the London College of Fashion. This is where he perfected the design for Jimmy Choo shoes. And the rest is history.

Jimmy Choo shoes have a rare combination of style, elegance, femininity, and you could even call them sexy. They were favored by the late Princess of Wales (Princess Diana), who would buy one style in several colors for her evening wear and to coordinate with her daily wardrobe. Apparently, Jimmy Choo lost count of the number of shoes he made for Princess Diana. She could frequently be seen in his delicate high-heeled shoes.

Jimmy Choo shoes don’t only come in high heels, but they also make boots which allow designers some room for artistic creativity. They certainly aren’t your ordinary designs. If you wear Jimmy Choo shoes and/or boots, you are certainly trying to make a fashion statement.

Jimmy Choo himself is no longer connected with the shoe designing company he founded. In 1996, he sold fifty percent interest in his company to Tamara Yeardye Mellon, a former Vogue accessories editor. She and Sandra Choi then launched the ready-to-wear line. Jimmy Choo was then a partner but was not involved in running the business.

Tamara Mellon has helped the Jimmy Choo shoes grow in size and reputation. She has now bought out Jimmy Choo completely, for about thirty million dollars. The company has expanded from one shop in London to four stores in London, New York, Beverley Hills and Los Angeles as well as about eighty retail outlets.

The future looks bright for Jimmy Choo shoes. They continue to grow in popularity. It looks like only a matter of time before they are considered “mainstream” footwear.

The price of Jimmy Choo shoes vary depending on the style and size. But if you have the financial capabilities, you could buy some of their most stylish shoes for up to five hundred dollars.
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