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Womens Designer Shoes
Womens Designer Shoes Master, Manolo Blahnik

"Women need different outfits, and different outfits require womens designer shoes. Men don't know women are wearing designer shoes, but it's part of the overall subconscious impact."

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Womens Designer Shoes
by Brian B. Carter, MS, LAc

Brian Carter, acupuncturist, herbalist, and author I don't personally wear womens designer shoes (you're relieved, I can tell) and my wife wishes she could afford more of them... she could at one time when she was the happen' L.A. acupuncturist seeing 40 patients a day, and she will one day soon since I'm now a famous author and cyber mogul... but back to the shoes, of course-

Why is this alternative medicine guy writing about womens designer shoes? Well, things change. My website is now about anything and everything. We're embracing the internet. I have 8 writers working with me. And we've written some of articles on this topic. For instance:

So you can read about those two kinds of womens designer shoes there.

Dave Barry, the pulitzer prize winning humorist, and my personal footwear coach, once said that one of the greatest impacts women have had on the world was shoes. And that we could probably get along with about one seventh the number of shoes if the world contained only guys. I might be misquoting him, but- and I am not making this up- I don't care. But I think Dave's view is a bit naive- womens designer shoes alone probably account for 7 or 8 billion dollars in worldwise industry.

I have no idea if that that figure is accurate, but if it is, Manolo Blahnik and Jimmy Choo probably have about 5 billion of those dollars- and 3 of those 5 billion goes into buying their suits and ordering gourmet take-out food to their penthouses. Still, womens designer shoes probably require lots of factories, which require construction, which requires illegal immigrants, which fuels the political debates that prosper another economy. So a lot of people are getting helped out of the whole womens designer shoes industry. In fact, without this industry, guys like Manolo and Jimmy would probably still be working in the hosiery section of Wal-Mart.

And here is the important part - and I am not making this up - it's because of guys that women need so many kinds of shoes. It was Dr. Barry himself who first identified the worldwide problem of LIBF (L u s t-Induced Brain Freeze), but subsequent studies have shown that guys like LIBF, so it's considered more of a conditon, or perhaps a sport (though some camoflauge-clad Montana residents consider it a neo-feminist conspiracy). Anyway, for women to inspire LIBF, they need different outfits, and different outfits require womens designer shoes. Men don't know they're designer shoes, but it's part of the overall impact.

You may also not realize that LIBF is part of God's design- guys tend to pursue and marry women that inspire LIBF, and at least historically marriage was a big factor, but the whole process made guys conform to the husband role, and they don't wake up from it until you're older- and they might not ever wake up from LIBF if you use plastic surgery. Despite our complaints about the closets full of womens designer shoes, your guy is just waiting for his next LIBF experience with you, so get to work on inspiring it!

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