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New Balance Womens Shoes

New Balance women’s shoes come in a variety of styles and colors that look good - from running and walking shoes to cross-training, tennis, and basketball shoes.














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New Balance Women’s Shoes – Style, Comfort, and Function

by Amy Finley

Whether it’s at the gym or dress-down day at the office, most women are looking for a combination of style, comfort, and function in athletic shoes that fits their individual needs. New Balance women’s shoes may be the answer for many.

Shoes that just aren’t for “everyone”

One of the most unique features of New Balance is the fact that they strive to recognize the individuality of each woman by creating a huge line of athletic shoes that come not only in various sizes, but in various widths as well. New Balance women’s shoes come in widths ranging from 2A (very narrow) to 6E (very wide). Any woman who has suffered with a pair of shoes that is too narrow (or too wide) knows how uncomfortable it is to wear shoes that are not the proper width. New Balance revolutionizes athletic shoes by providing consumers with a wider (no pun intended) range of options tailored to their individual needs.

Looking good in New Balance women’s shoes

While New Balance places their emphasis on providing quality footwear rather than high fashion, their shoes still look great. Let’s face it – no woman wants to wear a pair of hideously ugly shoes no matter how comfortable they are. New Balance women’s shoes come in a variety of styles and colors that look good -- from running and walking shoes to cross-training, tennis, and basketball shoes. Shoes like the women’s WX1007 cross-trainer ($99) combine excellent cushioning, added heel support, breathability, and New Balance’s “stability web” with an exterior that’s anything but unattractive. In fact, with their crisp blue and white style, they look pretty darn good.

Optimum performance

Obviously every woman wants shoes that not only supply comfort and look good, but also that function well and enable us to perform at our best – an area not overlooked by New Balance. Women’s shoes are quality tested through wear testing, mechanical testing, and biomechanical testing to ensure a quality product that allows the wearer to perform their best. The company’s been around since 1934, when founders William J. Riley and Arthur Hall promoted arch supports and prescription shoes, so you know they’re committed to providing footwear that supports (again, no pun intended) a woman’s active lifestyle. (Even if you are not an avid exerciser or training for a marathon, experts suggest getting the best fit and support possible in athletic shoes –no matter what you’re level of activity -- to reduce the risk of injury).

Any health or fitness professionals out there wearing new balance women’s shoes?

Well, if you’re not, and you’re a health or fitness professional, you might be able to wear New Balance women’s shoes a little cheaper. New Balance offers a program called Pro F.I.T. for those in the field of health and fitness that offers savings on New Balance products.

What about moms? Any moms out there?

New Balance also offers a contest for kids regarding sportsmanship. The “New Balance Kids Sportsmanship Award” is for kids 10 good habits of sportsmanship (play by the rules, be a team player, etc.), and can come up with an 11th good habit of sportsmanship for kids to follow.

Look good, feel good, play hard

With their combination of function, comfort, and fit, (without sacrificing fresh-looking style), there are a lot of revolutionary aspects of New Balance. Women shoes, in fact, may never be the same.


In addition to being a freelance writer for Pulsemed International, Ms. Finley is a graduate student working on her M. A. in English Literature at Cleveland State University, a creative writer, and an editor with Editfast. Ms. Finley is also the mother of three young children.


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