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Womens Nike Shox

The people at Nike are all thinking up these really weird ways to describe womens Nike shox. These running shoes look like they came from some other planet, maybe they were designed by extraterrestrials?








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Gimme Some Womens Nike Shox!

Just wearing a pair of womens Nike shox is going to “shock” some of those tiresome types who don’t like to hang with what is really awesome. These running shoes look like they came from some other planet, maybe they were designed by extraterrestrials? Maybe even someone got abducted by aliens and when they came back, they designed the Shox. Well, whatever, I got to go out and get a pair right now! There is just nothing else that even comes close.

The best part is they look really comfortable plus they have that suction cup platform thing going. I just can’t say enough about these womens Nike shox. It’s the first time a sports shoe was so “sic..k” it made me sit up and say “Gotta have ‘em”. Well that’s not quite true, they did have those platform tennis shoes in the 70’s and 80’s.

OK, here’s a few of the specs about these “killer” sports shoes that just make me want them more. Not to mention that you can even buy NEW ones on eBay. Now if they just have my size, I might bid on a pair. I saw some on there for only $30. The stores are selling them for really big bucks, but if you can afford to pay full price, well, just go for it, I sure would.

Not only do these shoes look great, they’re actually good for your feet! The people at Nike are all thinking up these really weird ways to describe womens Nike shox. So here’s a few names for these trainers, first there’s the “TL” – Do you know what that stands for? I can’t figure it out but these are the alien shoes, the “bomb”!! When you look at the bottoms, there’s all these little suction cups in orange. It looks like a “day glow” octopus leg or something.

So these shoes have “boing” (not to be confused with bling, although they have some of that too), at least that’s what Nike says in their ad. Anyway, I forgot to tell you the name of another pair, it’s ‘ride”. Nike says they “run like a dream”. Do you think you’re going to find me running in my womens Nike shox? NOT!

Here’s a few of the dry facts about womens Nike shox. Most styles cost about $100 a pair but the very best ones cost $150. They actually go as cheap as $69.99 and as I said you can find some shox shoe styles on eBay. One of the really good things about them is that even though they look big, they’re very light weight.

Well, whatever they say, this new design cushions your feet, the mesh uppers breathe better than you do and the lacing fits your anatomical foot. That is just so cool. You don’t have enough facts yet? These shoes could probably “take over” the world if we’re not careful. Well, gotta go now and get my own pair of these alien octopus womens Nike shox.


Teddi McDonald has been a direct marketer and copywriter for 12 years. She has written many published articles as well as two booklets. Contact her through her website

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