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New Balance Women's Shoes

"The phrase, 'You go, girl!' might've originated with a running shoe enthusiast, watching her best friend at a track meet. The racer is wearing New Balance women's shoes, simply the best shoes made for hoofin' it anywhere. She easily takes the title."













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New Balance Women's Shoes

by Amara Rose

New Balance Women's Shoes Keep Your Feet Fit!

The phrase, "You go, girl!" might've originated with a running shoe enthusiast, watching her best friend at a track meet. The racer is wearing New Balance women's shoes, simply the best shoes made for hoofin' it anywhere. She easily takes the title.

New Balance Women's Shoes Fit Your Sole and Your Spirit

OK, the story's a bit of a stretch, born of an inventive writer's pen-but as anyone who works out knows, stretching is an essential part of your warm-up. You want to be equally limber when you're shopping for fitness footwear. And you'll want to select a brand that will keep your sole as healthy as your spirit. For me, New Balance women's shoes fit the bill because they fit my feet-and my energy-like a second skin. As the company itself says, "N is for putting your heart and soul into it." (

From Running Shoes to.Web Surfing Shoes?

I remember when I got my first pair of New Balance. Women's shoes of every stripe were a hot ticket for me then, as they are for most teenage girls. The pair of New Balance I bought were called running shoes back in those prehistoric days, before we had shoe categories for everything from racquetball to web surfing. What?? You don't have a pair of New Balance women's shoes in one of their day-glo I-net colors? You go, girl! Get thee to a shoe store, pronto!

Technology for the Way You Play

Of course, I'm kidding about the Internet shoes. Maybe there will be a shoe made solely for web surfing in the very near future. However, you can already buy New Balance women's shoes designed to meet the unique needs of just about any other activity. You can select a shoe with a combination of "integrated technology components," as New Balance refers to the benefits, which are germane to your athletic activity.

New Balance Shoes Cuddle Your Feet

Take Adventure Sports. The special components include cushioning, discovery, lightweight, equidistance and supportive cushioning. The acronym is C-D-L-E-S. And cuddles is exactly what New Balance women's shoes do for your feet. I would venture (and adventure) to say that the men's and kids versions are equally exceptional. Guys, kids-you'll just have to try a pair and let us know!

The moment I laced up my first New Balance women's shoes, decades ago (we're not saying how many decades, but the company does have an enduring reputation.), it didn't matter whether I was going jogging or to the mall with my friends. My feet were in Heaven, so comfortable it was like being barefoot.

Smart Shoes for Problem Feet

Ever since, I've been loyal to the big N logo. With my "problem feet," finding anything comfortable to wear for hours on end has always been a, well, feat. It figures that long before New Balance women's, men's and kids shoes were available for a wide range of sports activities, the company stood for basic foot support.

New Balance: The Footwear Visionary, Then and Now

In fact, that's why New Balance was founded a century ago: to make arch supports and prescription footwear for folks who spent their work hours standing or walking around, such as police officers and salespeople. It also explains why New Balance became and remains the visionary leader in athletic footwear.

Amara Rose offers life purpose coaching, talks, tapes/CDs, e-courses, play shops, and a FREE inspirational monthly newsletter, What Shines. She's also a "business alchemist" who has word smithed everything from white papers to web content. Visit or e-mail

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