Manolo Blahnik Shoes, a Tasty Strappy Delicacy

"There's been well-deserved hype about Manolo Blahnik shoes for a good long time."

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Manolo Blahnik Shoes

by Kristin McDonald

Are You in Love with Manolo Blahnik Shoes?

OK, so I'm thinking about investing in some Manolo Blahnik shoes, uh, sandals! Yes, I know I used the word investment, that's just what it is...for the sake of glamour. But I've been fantasizing about owning a pair of Manolos for years.

As you may know, there's been well-deserved hype about Manolo Blahnik shoes for a good long time. In fact, Manolo himself started designing these tasty, strappy little shoes back in the early 1970's in London. Back then, he was carefully followed by the editor of US Vogue magazine and found fans among many English celebs in his London shoe shop, Zapata.

But it took twenty more years before his sexy, flirty and finely crafted Manolo Blahnik shoes became de rigueur in the US as well. Although his first collections were more visual than wearable, he became a master of the craft of shoe creation, and now sets the standard among famous shoe designers by inventing footwear that skillfully blends avant garde flavors with classic and enduring design.

Manolo Blahnik Shoes are Ab Fab!

Back to my obsession: the first moment I got the itch to own a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes was when I was watching AbFab (Absolutely Fabulous). Remember that show? It made my own Abs Fab all right, because I practically split a gut watching it & got some badly needed exercise for my midriff every episode.

Although it was a guilty pleasure, I found myself getting just as turned on by all the accessories, shoes and shopping sprees as Patsy & Eddy did. And, because they were unabashed English fad hounds, they clued us in to couture footwear superstar, Manolo and his Manolo Blahnik shoes!

Then, of course, Carrie from Sex and the City got all jazzed about the shoes, and that was it! The US became hooked on Manolo Blahnik shoes, as the must-have luxury item during the late1990's.

Which brings me to my point....Lucky for me, and hopefully for you too, there is finally an affordable way to get your hands on some Manolo Blahnik shoes for half of what you would pay at Barney's or at one of his two exclusive boutiques in New York and London.

Buy Manolo Blahnik Shoes for Half Price

The not so secret answer to how, is of course, the Internet along with eBay.  Now you don't have to fork out $400.00 to get your hands on exactly the pair of exquisite shoes you want! You can just log on, and find a site selling the best Manolo Blahnik shoes for you. Thanks to the Internet, we'll soon be stepping out in style!

This link gives a detailed version of Manolo’s bio plus pics of Manolo Blahnik shoes

Kristin McDonald is a writer, graphic designer and eBay expert.

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