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Womens Nike Shoes: Finding the Shoe that Fits

Fortunately, today’s womens Nike shoes offer a variety from which to choose. Many are competitively priced, making it sometimes more difficult to choose!



Womens Nike Shoes

by Trish Williams

Womens Nike Shoes, Finding the Shoe that Fits

Runners are aware that the shoe makes all the difference in the world when you hit the pavement. Unless it’s comfortable, attractive, and gives you the longevity you’re looking for, truly you haven’t found the right shoe. Fortunately, today’s womens Nike shoes offer a variety from which to choose. Many are competitively priced, making it sometimes more difficult to choose from the many varieties.

Womens Nike shoes come in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures. The people at Nike have done intense research on feet and what women want in a sports shoe. As a result of doing their homework, women consumers are quite contented with the selection and fit of the shoes they’re buying.

Tips on Choosing the Right Shoe

Have you ever tried on a shoe and thought, “This doesn’t feel right?” Well, there’s truly a science to it, and even a time that’s best for trying shoes on, especially womens Nike Shoes. We asked the experts: “Women’s running or jogging shoes should have a thumb's width of room at the toe. Try on your new sneakers late in the day when your feet are somewhat swollen. Because your feet swell during running, you'll get a more accurate fit this way. Your running shoes should feel snug but not tight. No slipping in the heel,” says the people at A-Z-running-Shoes.

They add, “Choose a quality shoe. If you're new to running, be sure to order shoes specifically for women runners; not a tennis shoe or a cross-trainer. Less chance for injury if you buy running shoes. Also, don't skimp on the caliber of sneakers you select. If you are a casual runner, you actually need higher quality training shoes, again to prevent injuries. Most running books suggest getting two or three pairs and rotate them. Your shoes will last longer if you alternate them. This allows them to dry out and recover their cushioning properties between runs.”

Taking a Look at Five Different types of Women’s Nike Shoes

Choosing a good running shoe begins by reading reviews, doing some comparison shopping and trying them on. Here we’ll take a look at five different types of womens Nike shoes.

  • Nike Air Terra Humara Trail Running Shoes Womens – Approximately $90.00
    This shoe is quite sporty and attractive. Nike says, “Run on clouds and is the most cushioned trail-running shoe.”
  • Nike Air Max Conquer running shoes for women - Approximately $60.00
    Nike describes this one as, “Maximum road cushioning for maximum road vanquishing.”
  • Nike Air Pegasus running shoes for women - Approximately $80.00
    Nike describes this by saying, “Ditch your fear of flying. This updated classic will have you competing with the clouds.”
  • Nike Air Alford II Shoes for Women - $120.00
    Nike says, “Road-proven performance for the high-mileage runner looking for the highest levels of cushioning and stability available.”
  • Nike Air Kantara II - $120
    Nike asks, “Ready to go the distance? The Kantara offers both cushioning and stability to the high-mileage runner.”
    As you prepare to select from the above five womens Nike shoes, or from hundreds more womens Nike Shoes, be sure you have an idea of the type of shoe you need. Some are created for long-distance running. They provide more cushion and support. Other womens
  • Nike Shoes are designed more for walking, and not running. Ask a lot of questions and do a lot of research. In the end, you’ll find the shoe “that fits.”


Trish "Ariala" Williams is a freelance writer and marketing consultant who has published numerous articles in magazines and newspapers across the country. She also works on web design, web content, graphics, promotions and copywriting.

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