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"What is it about womens designer shoes that keeps today’s woman coming back for more?  It’s an itch, it’s a scratch, and if you have the fever, you know what I’m talking about.."



















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Womens Designer Shoes: Secret Confessions

by Kristin McDonald

Secrets of Womens Designer Shoes Obsession

What is it about designer womens shoes that keeps today's woman coming back for more? Is it the exquisite detail-rich quality, or is it the bragging-rights luxury label factor? It's an itch, it's a scratch, and if you have the fever, you know what I'm talking about.

In fact, I once took half my savings and flew into New York to make a pilgrimage to shop for womens designer shoes at the Peter Fox boutique, just because.I had to! I'd been lured into loving them by ads in Vogue for years. I wasn't going to let the fact that I lived on the opposite coast of the United States get in my way.

Fear of Flying to Buy Gucci, Prada and Bruno Magli Womens Designer Shoes

Ever since I can remember, whenever I compliment someone on their fabulous and foxy little heels, it usually turns out that they were acquired in New York or Paris or Milan. Not being a jet setter myself, I’ve tried to learn not to wince when I hear where those sexy heels were acquired, but, you know, I'm human. As it is, womens designer shoes can be really exclusive, hard to come by--and are coveted by many.

Pick a pair of womens designer shoes by a famous designer, there are Prada shoes, Gucci shoes, Manolo Blahnik shoes, not to mention Bruno Magli shoes, Ann Klein shoes and many more! Any or all of these might be perfect to provide top-drawer fashions for our pampered and manicured feet. Because if you are going to wear open toe designer shoes, then your pedicure has to match the quality of your footwear!

Thankfully today you can buy many womens designer shoes online, which eliminates the need for those pesky airplane flights.  Not to mention the fact that such flights tend to wreak such havoc on our skin, immune systems and our bank accounts!

But buying womens designer shoes online also eliminates the cachet that true jet set folks get from flying somewhere--to shop as if they’re on a safari, hunting big game for the perfect designer shoe trophy of their dreams. And for the rest of us, well, we can snap up nice designer high heel shoes on sale from eBay, Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus.

Frills, Flirting and Women's Designer Shoes

There is no hiding the fact that men and women alike have shoe "fetishes"--for different reasons. For example, a woman tends to crave her shopping "fix" and then she can get gussied up in flashy shoes that make her feel taller (and therefore more powerful). She also gets the opportunity to show her friends her new prized Gucci heels for spring. And with women....labels do matter. Men may not know the ins & outs of designer womens shoes…but they do love to see flattering sexy 4 inch Prada heels on the woman they love--or on the woman they want to get to know better!

And the fact is, women’s designer shoes are for flirting. These shoes are not comfortable by any stretch of the imagination. But do they look 100% better than Birkenstocks? Duh! Experiment A: Look at your legs with flats on. Experiment B: Now look at your legs with heels on. Results: Curves in all the right places!

Sizzle for Singles with Womens Designer Shoes

And by the way, a hugely important pick-up tip for singles in the 2000’s: You can have a plain outfit on, jeans no problem, but if you dress it up with the right designer shoes for women, you are ready to go anywhere, and you will look your best. Men notice the shoes.

A male friend once mentioned that the sound of women's heels on pavement acted like a primal mating call, and made him turn his head to look every time. As for men, I notice if they have nice shoes on when I meet them. Every time! So remind your guy friends that bargain basement shoes will not necessarily help them to attract the girl of their dreams. Of course, in every situation, charm goes a long way, and even if your shoes are not designer, if they are tidy & smart, you will probably impress your date.

Our feet do the toughest job in our bodies, holding us upright tirelessly every day. Don't force them into worn out shoes from four seasons ago, instead dress them in a way that befits their status, and find the best womens designer shoes to do the job––if that is what they want. And if your feet are groaning, “Uh, no, actually we want a break from all this high-heel business,” then get some Nike Shox or Diesel trainer shoes for when you want to kick back.

Then put on the glitz with your womens designer shoes in the evening, and let your happy, well-rested feet do all their razzle-dazzle-blingiddy-bling in style.


Kristin McDonald is a writer, graphic designer and eBay expert. Link to

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