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Womens Cowboy Boots

The increasing popularity of womens cowboy boots means that boot manufacturers are competing to create more styles than ever before.


Womens Cowboy Boots

by Amy Finley

The Sex Appeal of Womens Cowboy Boots

While the popularity of womens cowboy boots has varied in past years, their recent popularity can be attributed to a variety of factors. One of the number one reasons is the sheer sex appeal they offer.

While their design was originally meant to make it easier to ride long hours driving cattle (a pointed toe to fit the stirrups, a high heel so the foot would stay put in the stirrups, and a taller design to protect the legs) these features have come to be associated with a kind of sensuality.

Western boots, with their high heels, pointed toe, and (usually) tight fit offer a style that immediately evokes a certain sense of passion. The cowboy boot also evokes an image of toughness, reminiscent of the risks and hardship of life in the ‘Wild West’.

In today’s society, women with an edge, with an air of risk-taking, (think “bad” girl) are sure to turn a few heads.

Hollywood and Womens Cowboy Boots

Along with sex appeal, another reason for the popularity of womens cowboy boots is Hollywood’s love affair with the ‘Wild West’. So many movies and shows have exhibited this time period in American history as filled with romance, passion, mystery, and excitement; it is no wonder so many women buy and wear western boots.

Capturing even a hint of this passion and mystery by slipping on a pair of cowboy boots is enough to draw many women to wearing them.

A Return to the Past

One of the symbols of America’s past is the cowboy boot – representative of the western frontier. In contemporary society, where the pace is fast in just about every area, (i.e. think fast food, e-commerce, microwaves, fax machines, express mail) womens cowboy boots offer a return to America’s nostalgic past – a past that represents something far less frantic and harried than today’s world.

Western boots offer an alternative to recreating America’s past that doesn’t take away from enjoying modern day conveniences. (Think about it -- slipping off your flats and business suit in favor of a cute denim skirt and leather cowboy boots on the weekend is a far better way to escape into the past than unplugging your microwave and cooking over an open flame in the backyard!)

Style and Variety

In today’s market, western boots are available in a huge variety of colors and styles. Womens cowboy boots can even be made from things like stingray, alligator, lizard, ostrich, eel, and snake skin (they are all supposed to be extremely durable).

The increasing popularity of womens cowboy boots means that boot manufacturers are competing to create more styles than ever before. For the consumer, the increasing competition between western boot manufacturers may ultimately mean lower prices.

So, whether you are buying your western boots for their intended function of horseback riding, for their sex appeal, their relationship to America’s past, or you just like the way they look and feel, you’ll be able to do so at a price that won’t blow your budget.


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