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Live Strong Wristband: Spread the Inspiration, Fight for the Cause

Hang a live strong wristband on the doorknob of your office – you’ll be able to share a powerful message with anyone who stops by.



Live Strong Wristband

by Amy Finley

The live strong wristband – a powerful statement

The live strong wristband is one of the fastest growing trends in America today. But it’s not about fashion. Wearing the live strong wristband makes a powerful statement about the wearer. When you wear a live strong wristband you shout to the world –“I care.”

The live strong wristband grew out of famous cyclist Lance Armstrong’s struggle with cancer. Despite his battle with cancer, Lance Armstrong, with his ‘live strong’ motto, went on to become a six-time champion of the Tour de France.

Just as importantly, he started the Lance Armstrong Foundation, dedicated to helping those with cancer and cancer research, and began a hugely popular trend with the live strong wristband that supports one of the greatest threats facing people today. The Lance Armstrong Foundation and the live strong wristband support the power of positive thinking as a powerful tool in the battle against cancer and to live strong and healthy.

How you can help with the live strong wristband

Most of us know someone who has been affected by cancer. Supporting cancer research and helping those affected by cancer is something we all need to work together on.

How can you help?

Well, by wearing the live strong wristband, you’ll be making a contribution that, combined with the numbers of other people with the live strong wristband on, amount to millions of dollars fighting to beat cancer.

Get creative with the live strong wristband

If you’re looking for more ways to spread inspiration and fight against cancer, though, get creative. Don’t just by a single bracelet – buy more and give the live strong wristbands away. (If you buy them online, you usually have to buy ten at a time anyway).

Next time your son or daughter has a class party, let your son or daughter give out the live strong wristband to his or her classmates instead of brownies or cupcakes. The live strong wristband is a great way to spread inspiration and encourage kids.

Having a dinner party? Instead of napkin holders, use a live strong wristband to hold the napkins and let your guests each take a live strong wristband home with them.

Hang a live strong wristband on the doorknob of your office – you’ll be able to share a powerful message with anyone who stops by your office.

Each person that wears the live strong wristband is one more in the army against cancer. Sharing Lance Armstrong’s story, his failure to give up, and the power of a positive spirit, is a valuable gift. When you give someone, anyone, a live strong wristband, you give him or her much more than a something to wear on their wrist: you give them inspiration.

Live strong, live healthy, live happy

So many of us have been affected by cancer in someway. In spite of the grief and struggle, though, the live strong wristband reminds us to live a strong life, making every moment count. The live strong wristband is about living a life that takes in every moment and appreciates the struggles and the joys. So live strong, live healthy, and live happy today, and every day.

In addition to being a freelance journalist with PULSEMEDIA International, Amy Finley is a creative writer and a graduate student of English at Cleveland State University. She lives in Rome, Ohio with her husband and three young children.


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