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New Balance Running Shoes: Best Comfort, Quality, and Design

All New Balance running shoes go through strict product development, prototyping and testing.


New Balance Running Shoes

by Joel Jacobson

Run with the best in a pair of New Balance Running Shoes

When you step into a pair of New Balance running shoes, you know you’re getting your money’s worth. The New Balance name has been synonymous with quality for generations.

There’s not just one New Balance Running shoe, but several of them to choose on depending upon running style. They offer supportive cushioning models, stability/motion control models, and cushioning models. Colors also run the gamut. You can choose from white/black/silver, white/navy/royal, royal/black/silver, grey/white, and yellow/black/silver. There are other color combinations as well.

Part of what makes the New Balance Running shoes so great is their construction. They are compression molded for extra comfort. The ABZORB cushioning in the front and rear provide a very cushy ride. In the midsole area, there’s EVA with large forefoot and rear foot ABZORB pads. For arch rigidity and support there’s Stability web. On the outsole, the N-durance rubber adds durability. The upper is a lightweight and breathable synthetic mesh and leather.

New Balance running shoes got their start at the beginning of the century in Boston, Massachusetts. It was started by a 33 year old English immigrant William J. Riley. His commitment to helping people with problem feet led to him making arch supports and prescription footwear to improve people’s shoe fit.

Under the leadership of Eleanor and Paul Kidd, in 1961 the world’s first performance running shoe known as the Tracktster, was introduced, the forerunner of today’s New Balance running shoes. The Trackster had a ripple sole with multiple widths. New Balance’s reputation grew during the 1960’s for their performance footwear that was available in multiples widths by word of mouth.

The New Balance running shoes are made in the USA at one of its five factories. Although there are some factories overseas, New Balance realizes and understands the importance of trying to keep work here at home. They remain committed to their domestic workforce who has remained dedicated throughout the years. New Balance has grown from a small company to a privately held industry leader.

All New Balance running shoes go through strict product development, prototyping and testing. Specifications and instructions are sent to the manufacturing facility when the shoes go into production. This way each team member’s expertise can be fully utilized.

Prices on New Balance running shoes usually run from the $60-$130 range depending on the type of the running shoe. If it has a leather upper, like the New Balance 991, then prices are higher. If the shoe has a synthetic/mesh upper, like the 765, then you can expect to around $60.

Product reviews for any New Balance running shoes are outstanding. On a 5 star scale, most reviews you will read on this line of running shoes are either 4 or 5 stars. They are all based on the categories of comfort, looks, and overall quality.

If you’re a rookie runner or an experienced marathoner, you can’t go wrong with a pair of New Balance running shoes.


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