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Restaurant, Cleveland, Ohio: Finding One that Rocks Your Palate

Whatever you’re looking for in a restaurant, Cleveland, Ohio has it – from upscale lakefront dining along lake Eerie and microbreweries to small vegetarian restaurants and fun family franchises.



Restaurant Cleveland Ohio

by Amy Finley

When it comes to a great restaurant, Cleveland, Ohio definitely rocks. There are over 1,000 restaurants in Cleveland, and you can find anything and everything your heart (and taste buds!) desire.

Cleveland Restaurant Choices

When you are looking for a great restaurant, Cleveland, Ohio has dozens of choices. One of Cleveland’s greatest assets is its diversity, and Cleveland restaurants definitely reflect this! New restaurants are popping up all the time that offer delicious choices in cuisine far beyond the all-American hamburger (Although you can find plenty of places that grill up a delicious, juicy, burger and crisp, hot, fries as well!).

Whatever you’re looking for in a restaurant, Cleveland, Ohio has it – from upscale lakefront dining along lake Eerie and microbreweries to small vegetarian restaurants and fun family franchises.

Comprehensive Cleveland Restaurant Guide?

Unfortunately, it’s not. As a grad student and mother of three (not to mention a writer -- aka starving artist), our budget is usually strapped when it comes to eating out at restaurants. (Besides, did you read the first paragraph? – when it comes to a restaurant, Cleveland Ohio, boasts over 1,000 different choices.)

However, I have managed to eat at some phenomenal restaurants during the past 20 years I’ve lived in the greater Cleveland area, and I will gladly share my expertise and dining secrets for finding a restaurant, Cleveland, Ohio with you.

Using the Net Is Your Best Bet

One of the secrets I’ve learned about Cleveland dining is to use the Internet. The reason for this is threefold…

Maps and Directions For Cleveland Restaurants

I have a horrible sense of direction, so if want to find a restaurant in Cleveland before we starve, we need a detailed map. Luckily many sites list detailed driving directions and/or maps for Cleveland restaurants. And some of the best restaurants are the ones that are a little out of the way!

Read Cleveland Restaurant Reviews

An added bonus of looking online for a restaurant, Cleveland, Ohio residents have already reviewed a lot of’em, so you know if you actually want to dine there (or find another restaurant). You can also see menus online sometimes for a restaurant Cleveland, Ohio boasts – perfect for vegetarians, those with special diets, and indecisive eaters (how do you choose when every item on the menu looks great?).


Many sites now offer the option of making your Cleveland restaurant reservation online.

I’m going to stress the importance of making a reservation when you eat out at almost any restaurant Cleveland, Ohio offers because there are tons of Cleveland restaurants, from Coventry’s Soul Vegetarian to Mayfield’s Yours Truly’s, that have great food, awesome service, and reasonable prices but are often very popular.

What this means is that from upscale Cleveland restaurants like downtown’s Circo Zibibbo’s and Brooklyn’s Agostino’s to more family friendly places like the west side’s

Angelina’s pizza or Red Robin franchises, you never know when you’re going to need a reservation.

Other Bonuses Of Checking Out A Restaurant Cleveland, Ohio Offers Online

You can find out just exactly how upscale or casual a restaurant is and decide accordingly what to wear (and hopefully you’ll save yourself the embarrassment of going to a place like Circo’s in jeans like we did!).

Gift certificates are available to purchase on many online Cleveland restaurant sites as well, so you can easily pick up a gift and eliminate birthday, anniversary, and holiday shopping while you’re making your Cleveland restaurant reservation.

Good luck as you look for a rockin’ restaurant. Cleveland, Ohio’s sure to have one that fits your taste!


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