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Restaurant Minneapolis: Big Time Variety, Big Time Eats

Rossi’s Steakhouse, a fantastic downtown restaurant Minneapolis, specializes in great steaks. It also features a tavern and jazz room to add to your dining experience


Restaurant Minneapolis

by Joel Jacobson

When in the twin cities, check out some of the wonderful restaurant Minneapolis

There’s nothing quite like spending a frigid day out on the ice, or going to work in the freezing cold, or doing something outdoors in the arctic air. Or if it’s summer, there’s nothing like spending a day at the beach, fishing, or shopping. After all that activity, your next place to go should be getting to a comfortable restaurant Minneapolis.

Solera is a restaurant Minneapolis you won’t want to miss. Known for their creativity and large selection, it’s a journey in which you are encouraged to take your time. They have a lengthy wine list, fantastic desserts, great hosts and servers, front and rooftop lounges, and a kick-butt happy hour. Its Spanish cuisine at it’s finest.

Something different in a restaurant Minneapolis is Mai Village. It’s got excellent Vietnamese food in a terrific setting with a hand-carved interior pagoda, bridge, and waterfall! A full bar with a great wine list, and they managed to maintain a seven dollar price point on many of their dishes.

Using Rudolph Valentino as its inspiration, the restaurant Minneapolis Rudolph’s is a bar-b-que serving up fantastic ribs. Their ribs are hand-rubbed with spices and slow cooked in a custom pit for awesome flavor. Twice named “Best Ribs in America”, and voted a hometown favorite seventeen times.

Rossi’s Steakhouse, a fantastic downtown restaurant Minneapolis, specializes in great steaks. It also features a tavern and jazz room to add to your dining experience. Descending into the downstairs from the street is like stepping back in time. At Rossi’s, they selection is fantastic from steaks and chops, seafood, lamb, stone-roasted chicken to baby back loin ribs. The wine selection is second to none with over 200 options to choose from. You can also choose from one of thirty martinis, or from the ample handcrafted brews available.

An eclectic restaurant Minneapolis is the Loring Pasta Bar. Cozy, but yet huge in feel, the lushly over-decorated Loring Pasta Bar has thirty-five foot high ceilings. They offer some great pasta (of course), pizza, salads, and the signature artichoke appetizer. There’s live music that entertains the diner for both lunch and dinner.

The Nye’s Polonaise room has been restaurant Minneapolis establishment on Hennepin Avenue since 1949. The décor, believe it or not, has pretty much stayed the same since then. Gold glitter booths, red velvet wallpaper, and huge chandeliers are a mainstay at one of the city’s finest supper clubs. Their specialties are Polish American type food which includes anything from polish sausage to Surf and Turf. There’s also a piano bar where they have frequent sing-a-longs, and a small little dive bar where they play your favorite polka music.

There are lots and lots of good restaurant Minneapolis for you to try out and enjoy. There’s surely something for everyone to enjoy in this twin city.


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