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San Francisco Apartment Hunting: Free Tips- Find the Apartment You Love

To get the inside scoop on San Francisco apartment living, see if you can talk to someone who has lived or currently lives in the apartment complex you’re considering.



San Francisco Apartment Hunting

by Amy Finley

San Francisco Apartment Choices

From the upscale rentals in Pacific Heights to quiet residential neighborhoods in the Twin Peaks area, San Francisco apartment choices abound. The different neighborhoods San Francisco boasts offer many choices in lifestyle and price range.

Even though San Francisco apartment complexes vary widely in price, style, atmosphere, and in many other ways, there are several things to think about that will help you find a great apartment in San Francisco. Here are some free tips for every San Francisco apartment hunter.

The Inside Scoop on San Francisco Apartment Living

First off, advertisements and San Francisco apartment guides and searches are invaluable tools. You can and should use online apartment guides searches to find out all the information on prospective San Francisco apartments from these resources. However, you might not want to just rely on these alone.

To get the inside scoop on San Francisco apartment living, see if you can talk to someone who has lived or currently lives in the apartment complex you’re considering. Search the Internet for apartment review and rating sites and read what other people’s San Francisco apartment experiences have been.

Don’t be afraid to inquire as to the turnover rate and number of vacancies for a specific San Francisco apartment complex. While a relative amount of turnover in apartments is usually standard, a turnover rate that seems extremely high, or an extremely large number of vacancies might be a bad sign.

Maintenance and Management

Maintenance and management are integral to your being satisfied with your new San Francisco apartment. If you can, make it a point to visit the apartment complex more than once, or drop in the main office on several occasions with a question or two to get a good feel for the management. Even if it has all the amenities in the world and a fabulous view of the Golden Gate, you’re not going to love living in your San Francisco apartment if the management is incompetent or rude.

Maintenance is another biggie in getting a good San Francisco apartment. Inquire about how fast maintenance will respond to a request, and whether 24 hour emergency maintenance is available. Scrutinize the individual apartment as well as the hallways and public areas to see how well they are maintained. Ask to see more than one apartment unit and more than one building (if applicable).

Don’t Get Burnt On Your San Francisco Apartment Deal

While many San Francisco apartment complexes strive to be honest and meet the needs of their tenants the best they can, be wary of a place that advertises a great deal or special, but quickly tells you that particular special is not available and forces you to check out a higher priced apartment unit.

If you are offered legitimate specials (and many places will have them) with your San Francisco apartment rental agreement, read carefully the terms and conditions. There may be a clause that if you break the lease before its term is up, you’ll be required to pay back any money saved on discounts or specials.

Amenities and Extras

Amenities and extras are great in a San Francisco apartment, just be sure you don’t pay for things you’re not really going to use. Don’t pay for an apartment with a tennis court, for example, if you don’t play tennis.

San Francisco Apartment Storage and Strategy

Make sure there is enough storage space to meet your needs before you call your new San Francisco apartment home – the closets might look big enough when they’re empty, but they will quickly fill up once you move in.

After you research your best prospects online, a good strategy is to visit several San Francisco apartment complexes and carry a small notebook to jot down what you liked, didn’t like, found questionable, loved, etc. Having an inventory of these items will help make the final choice easier and ensure you get exactly what you want.


Don’t forget to take note of the apartment complex public areas and views. Surroundings are just as important as your apartment itself – if the atmosphere is pleasant and landscape is beautiful, it will make your new San Francisco apartment a place you’ll love to live in.

Good luck in your San Francisco apartment search!



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