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Uggs Boot Forecast: Fickle Fashion, or here to stay?

While many styles in boots come and go, the uggs boot combination of funk and function make them an original boot that may be around for years to come.



Uggs Boot

by Amy Finley

How long will the uggs boot craze last?

Is it worth it to buy the uggs boot? If you get a pair, will they be out of fashion after you wear them a few times? Is the uggs boot a pop culture boot phenomenon or is it destined to be a classic item in the boot wardrobe?

Here’s your uggs boot fashion forecast…

The uggs boot: Funk and function

While it isn’t possible to know for sure in just what direction the popularity of the uggs boot will go, there are several aspects of the uggs boot that can help determine whether or not they are a fickle fashion boot buy or a future boot wardrobe staple.

Considering both the style as well as durability is necessary to determine if the uggs boot will stick around. While many styles in boots come and go, the uggs boot combination of funk and function make them an original boot that may be around for years to come.

From center pasture to center stage

Historically, the uggs boot has been around a lot longer than center stage struts by certain pop music stars. The uggs boot history goes back over a hundred years to when Australian sheep farmers wore these sheepskin, fleece-lined boots for warmth and durability.

Now uggs boots are be worn by people everywhere. The modern uggs boot is made in a variety of colors and styles – the tall uggs boot, the short classic uggs boot, uggs boot clogs, uggs boot slippers, and more.

The uggs boot: Will its durability make it last?

The fact that the uggs boot has been around for so long is one sign that it’s not just a fickle fashion boot trend. The outer sheepskin construction of the uggs boot is flexible enough to be comfortable for the foot, yet durable enough to last. The uggs boot also functions well in both warm and cool weather – the uggs boot’s fleece lining drawing any moisture away from the foot and keeping it insulated against cold or heat.

But will the durability of the uggs boot make its popularity last? Only time will tell for sure, but most people who own uggs boots love them for comfortable fit and durability, making them prime candidates for future fashion choices in boots.

The uggs boot – Foucauldian fashion?

Philosopher Michel Foucault’s theories on examining society veer towards an examining and ironization of society that’s thoroughly reflected in contemporary society.

What’s that have to do with the uggs boot? Well, philosophy and fashion may have more in common than you think.

Philosophy like this means questioning conformity… and well, just maybe wearing uggs boots do, too. According to Brian Fong in his article “What to Wear with Ugg Boots”; “there are no fashion rules when it comes to wearing these (uggs) boots.” So whatever you style, from punk to prep, you can wear the uggs boot any way you want.

In addition to being a freelance journalist with PULSEMEDIA International, Ms. Finley is also a creative writer and a graduate student of English at Cleveland State University. She lives in Rome, Ohio with her husband and three young children.


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