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Wholesale Carpet: Evaluating Styles And Avoiding Scams

When looking for a good deal on wholesale carpet, there are several things you can do to protect yourself from getting caught in a scam.



Wholesale Carpet

by Amy Finley

Wholesale Carpet Deals

Wholesale carpet deals are often available to individual consumers as well as carpet retailers. You can find low prices on quality carpet by buying wholesale and thereby reducing the cost you’d pay in a retail store. In order to buy smart in wholesale carpet, there are several considerations to make to get the best carpet deal and the style and quality you want.

Avoiding Carpet Scams

In both retail and wholesale carpet purchases, consumers run the risk of falling prey to a variety of common carpet selling scams. When looking for a good deal on wholesale carpet, there are several things you can do to protect yourself from getting caught in a scam.

Compare Costs: It’s a good idea to check out prices offered by several different companies before you decide on your wholesale carpet purchase. This helps ensure you get the best monetary deal.

Cross Reference: In order to get an honest deal from a wholesale carpet dealer, you may want to cross reference to find a reputable source. Good places to find references are: reviews on the Internet, friends and neighbors, colleagues, and anyone you know who has recently made a wholesale carpet purchase. You may also want to check the Better Business Bureau to see if there have been any complaints lodged against the wholesale carpet supplier you are considering.

Be Wary: Be wary of prices that seem unrealistically low. Be aware of the quality variations in carpet to make sure the great wholesale carpet deal you are seeing advertised is really a good deal on quality carpet and not just the regular price of a low quality carpet.

Also be aware that some retail and wholesale carpet companies may carry private labels, so even if the company advertises things like a lowest price guarantee, you won’t be able to compare a price on certain brands because they don’t exist under that name anywhere else.

Wholesale Carpet Styles

Wholesale carpet can be purchased in a variety of cuts, textures, and styles.
In order to get the best deal on your wholesale carpet purchase, you want to carefully evaluate styles and colors of carpet to enhance your home and get the best carpet to meet your needs.

Before you begin looking at wholesale carpet specials, ask yourself about your current color scheme – will you keep it or are you redecorating elsewhere as well? Do you want to brighten the room with a light color? Or do you want to find a funky carpet color for a den or kids’ playroom?

What would you like to accomplish – is the carpet more for a decorative statement in a formal room? Or will your wholesale carpet be installed for comfort and practicality in a high traffic living area?

The amount of use and function of the areas where your wholesale carpet will be installed is very important. Certain carpet styles, such as plush and Saxony, are beautiful, but may be better in lesser-used areas because of their tendencies to shade, show footprints, and wear more easily. For frequently used living areas, more durable styles such as a frieze or Berber might be a better choice.

Be alert, aware, and compare, and you’re sure to find a wholesale carpet bargain with the style and quality you need without getting scammed.


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