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Wholesale Handbag: Smart Sales, Avoiding Supplier Scams

A good way to find a wholesale handbag supplier is to look for reviews, references, and testimonials of the company from outside sources.



Wholesale Handbag

by Amy Finley

Wholesale Handbag: Smart and Savvy Selling

If you are in the market to find wholesale handbag deals, you’re not alone. Women’s handbag and accessory sales can be some of the most lucrative ventures available today. In light of new technology, online auctions, and dropshipping (which I talk about in this article on ‘Wholesale Dropshippers’, getting started with a business venture like selling wholesale handbag and accessory items has never been easier.

For the vast majority of women, having the right handbag (or should we say handbags?) is their bread and butter. Women’s handbags hold a lot more than our keys. They are in many ways our lifelines, and showcase our style to boot. Handbags will always be something women need, so it makes sense that many people are in the market to find wholesale handbag deals to create a smart and savvy selling niche.

Replica vs. Real…

With changing seasons and new styles, women’s handbags are always in demand. A big decision to make in selling handbags, however, is whether to go with buying designer handbags, replicas of designer handbags (also referred to as ‘designer –inspired’), or to go with a whole other handbag niche when ordering from a wholesale handbag supplier.

While many women swear only by designer bags, others see nothing wrong with buying knock-offs, and still others prefer to stay out of the whole trend-setting business altogether and sashay with lesser known styles. Getting legitimate deals on designer and designer-inspired handbags should be easy to find, as there are many wholesale handbag suppliers available. Or are they?

Avoiding Wholesale Handbag Supplier Scams

Just because there are dozens of wholesale handbag suppliers on the net doesn’t mean that they’re all legit. If you go with a wholesale handbag company that openly claims that they are selling designer inspired version of bags rather than the real versions, you probably don’t have as much to watch out for as if you are attempting to buy from a wholesale handbag supplier carrying (or at least claiming to carry) authentic designer handbags. But you still need to be careful of getting scammed.

Before you order from any wholesale handbag supplier, there are some general guidelines to follow to help protect yourself from scams. First, you should compare not only costs, but contact information as well. Does the wholesale handbag supplier have an actual address (not just a p.o. box)? Do they have a working telephone number and a responsive e-mail system? If they don’t, you should definitely beware.

A good way to find a wholesale handbag supplier is to look for reviews, references, and testimonials of the company from outside sources. These can include friends or colleagues, links to buyer reviews, and reviews or information from forums or other sites. It’s always a good idea to cross-reference to find a reputable wholesale distributor.

Spotting Fakes in You Wholesale Handbag Purchase

Does the wholesale handbag supplier advertise prices that seem to good to be true? This isn’t always an indication of a scam – sometimes you may very well get an unbelievable deal or a percentage off even of wholesale prices. It might also mean, however, that the wholesale handbag supplier is trying to sell you replicas and passing them off as real designer bags.

While some replicas are so good that it is almost impossible to tell the difference, there are some things to watch out for in spotting a fake that’s passed off as real from a wholesale handbag supplier. Look for an authenticity card and the logo in the material protecting the bag. Poor quality materials and inferior craftsmanship are also signs of designer bag scams.

Check out a variety of wholesale handbag suppliers to find one you’re comfortable with, and in no time, your business will be booming!


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