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Wholesale Novelties: Best Opportunity for Quick Cash Earnings

For the entrepreneurial at heart, wholesale novelties can become your way to earn big cash!




Wholesale Novelties

by Dr. John Luton

If you’re looking for a way to make some quick cash, wholesale novelties might be just what you’ve been waiting for. These novelties and ingeniously designed little trinkets have so many great uses. They make wonderful party favors and clever gift ideas. Some have even become collectors’ items. Better still, for the entrepreneurial at heart, wholesale novelties can become your way to earn big cash!

Want to earn some cash? Wholesale novelties are a great business opportunity!

Okay, anyone who has an objection to making money should stop reading right now. Otherwise, I’ll assume that the rest of you would like to cash in on the profit-making opportunities of wholesale novelties. Read on to get all your questions answered about this lucrative venture!

Before we go any further, just what are wholesale novelties?

Great question – and a really easy one to answer! Wholesale novelties, as you might imagine, are gifts, trinkets, and other neat little items that can be bought in bulk at wholesale and then sold individually for a great profit.

If you’re a student, you can invest a few bucks in some “hot” gift items and then sell them for two, three, four times your buying price – or more!

This is not new. Remember the kid who used to bring a box of animal cookies to school and then sell them for a nickel a piece? That was me! This is the same principle, but you can do it on a much larger scale. Instead of coming home with just a couple of bucks in your pocket, you can literally earn thousands of dollars!

Okay (you say) just what are some of these “hot” wholesale novelties?

Glad you asked! Here’s an even dozen of some of the “hottest” items going:

· Talking “I love you” ink pen
· Talking “You’re fired” ink pen
· Disposable lighters
· Mini flashlights
· Support our troops ribbon (magnets)
· Italian Charm Wholesale Suppliers
· Breast cancer awareness bracelet

· CD/DVD wallet
· Clip on book light
· Combination travel games set
· Men’s grooming kits
· Mini micro boom boxes
· Laser pointer with batteries

Wholesale novelties make great “Thinking of you gifts!”

Is that enough to get you started? Well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the items that can be bought in bulk and then sold for big profits. I bet you have friends who’d like to have some of the ones we just mentioned. And the good news is – there are hundreds and hundreds of wholesale novelties to buy and sell!

In some cases, these cool items are things many people wouldn’t buy for themselves, but they’re glad when they receive one as a gift. When you buy in large quantities, you can get them for rock-bottom prices. Then, because you practically “robbed” the wholesaler, you can boost the price a little and guarantee yourself a handsome profit!

My mother’s ceramic Cardinals – Wholesale novelties to die for!

I once bought my mother a little novelty that she absolutely adored. It’s a tiny, ceramic Cardinal that separates into two pieces that can be rejoined magnetically. She placed her little bird on the glass door of her china closet. Now it looks like the bird is actually flying through the glass! It’s so cool.

Whenever mom has guests, she makes a point of getting something out of the china closet – just so she can show off her little trinket. You wouldn’t believe the number of people who’ve bought one of those little birds – just because they saw it on my mother’s china closet. Of course, I always keep Mom well stocked. She’s in her 80s now, but she loves to pick up a little spending money every once in a while!

So are you ready to place your wholesale novelties order? If you do it now, you’ll realize tremendous savings and make big, big profits! Go for it!

About the Author: Dr. John W. Luton

Dr. Luton serves as associate professor of mass communication at Elizabeth City State University. His specialty – teaching students how to watch movies and surf the Internet for great deals!

However – to appease the university administration – he skillfully disguises his real activities in language that’s a little more palatable, like “cinema studies,” “mass media law” and “broadcasting.” We at Pulse Media, though, are so on to him! But we’ve got to give it to the professor. He really knows his technology and he’ll always give you an honest opinion!

Dr. Luton has also written an award-winning novel titled, “Bluebird in Belgium.” It’s a phenomenal read.


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