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Womens Adidas Sandal: Freedom, Style, and Durability For Your Feet

Womens Adidas sandal styles have something for every woman, from the original blue and white sports slide to the smart and slim new navy Kimja 2.



Womens Adidas Sandal

by Amy Finley

Womens Adidas Sandal Styles: For today’s Active Women

Today we women know more about the importance of having an active, healthy lifestyle than ever before. Most of us lead hectic day-to day lives in addition to active recreational activities like enjoying sports, hiking, beaches, and going to the gym. (Okay, maybe all of us don’t really enjoy going to the gym). Womens Adidas sandal styles are great for a variety of activities.


Womens Adidas sandal styles are versatile – you can easily go from one activity to the next. The Wellens thong style womens Adidas sandal is a perfect example – you can go straight from the beach to a night out. In chic baby pink and dusky gray or combination carbon blue and dusky gray, this womens Adidas sandal offers a simple sexy style essential for any woman’s shoe wardrobe.

Durability In The Womens Adidas Sandal

Adidas founder Adi Dassler designed the first pair of Adidas shoes in 1920. This longstanding tradition of excellence is definitely reflected in the womens Adidas sandal – they are quality made sandals that handle wear well, yet are still sporty and stylish.

I love my womens Adidas running shoes, but last summer I wish I would’ve had a womens Adidas sandal like the Chilko womens Adidas sandal when we were hiking. These babies are built for traction and durability, perfect for gripping even in water and on wet surfaces. You don’t even have to sacrifice style with this sporty Adidas sandal either – a slick, well-fitting design in jet blue will have you looking great in every outdoor sport.

Treat For Your Feet: The Womens Adidas Sandal Adissage

One of the things to rave about when it comes to the womens Adidas sandal is the innovation of the Adissage and Balissage styles. These womens Adidas sandals definitely have the modern woman in mind, because the sole is actually designed to massage your feet while you’re wearing them. Talk about finding invigoration and comfort in a sandal!

Slick Slides

Womens Adidas sandal styles have something for every woman, from the original blue and white sports slide to the smart and slim new navy Kimja 2. The wide selection of hip colors and styles, combined with comfort, fit, function and Adidas signature quality, make the womens Adidas sandal a great buy.

The Womens Adidas sandal: Prices Easy To Afford

You don’t have to spend big bucks to get great looking and comfortable womens Adidas sandal styles. You can get most of the womens Adidas sandal styles available for fewer than thirty-five dollars.

In fact, you can even get some womens Adidas sandal styles for half that price if you check some sites on the web. Online retailers offer a lot of specials on shoes, so you can find great discounts on womens Adidas sandals on the web. You can even get free shipping on womens shoes at some sites.


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