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The Yu Gi Oh Card Game is Winning the Duel

Like Pokemon before it, the Yu Gi Oh card game is quickly becoming the collector cards to have. The game cards themselves are quite collectible and valuable and can be found on eBay and other card collector’s sites













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Yu Gi Oh Card Game

by Joel Jacobson

What the heck is Yu Gi Oh Card game?

The Yu Gi Oh card game is a fantasy game created in Japan. It’s quickly becoming extremely popular with its own TV show and online game playing sites.

Like Pokemon before it, the Yu Gi Oh card game is quickly becoming the card set to collect. The game cards themselves are quite collectible and valuable and can be found on eBay and other card collector’s sites.

Gods, monsters, weapons, spells, and a lot of intrigue make up the Yu Gi Oh card game. It takes quite a bit of time to get up to speed with all the rules and game play, but once you do, it can be quite challenging.

The object of the Yu Gi Oh cad game is to win a match against your opponent. A single match consists of 3 duels. Each card battle against an opponent, whether it is a win, loose, or draw, is considered a duel.

Each player in the Yu Gi Oh card game starts out with 8000 Life Points. Life points decrease as a result of damage after battle. You win a duel if you reduce your opponent’s life points to zero.

In the Yu Gi Oh card game, there is a game mat broken down into each player’s Deck Zone. Each game mat is divided into different zones. These are:

  • Field Card Zone - Field Spell cards are played here.
  • Monster Card Zone – Monster cards are played here.
  • Fusion Deck Zone – used if you are playing with Fusion monster cads
  • Graveyard – when cards are destroyed, they are placed here.
  • Spell and Trap Card Zone – Spell and Trap Cards placed here
  • Deck Zone – player’s individual deck cards are placed here.

The Yu Gi Oh card game starts with each player turning up 5 cards from his/her deck. There are 6 different steps or phases to each player’s turn. The draw phase, standby phase, main phase I, battle phase, main phase II, end phase and the next players turn.

Each opponent attacks the other using the monster cards. Each monster card in the Yu Gi Oh card game has the monster name, type, card description, attributes, attack levels, attack points, and defense points. All these different factors come in to play when one player’s card is set against another. In addition, spell cards and trap cards affect each player as well. There is always something going on!


Mr. Jacobson is a freelance writer, web designer, and product design engineer. He's an avid fisherman who loves to northern and musky fish. He and his wife recently adopted two infant girls from Russia, and that keeps them quite busy.

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