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Some great free yugioh card tips:

Start of any duel: if going first,set the monster f/d to keep your opponent guessing. If second, then summon a strong monster like a 1900. or s tart with a 1 f/d mon and 3 s/t/ fd so opponent won't attack

If you want to have alot of power for easy cards, use a field card and play weak monsters to power them up

If constructing a new deck and you run out of cards, don't just any card in. Either make it a playable deck, or don't make one at all.

Make most traps deadly like mirror force, not like a negate (that's just a warning card, saying"back off")

Basic Dueling Tips:

  1. Include the staple cards such as: monster reborn, hfd, heavy storm, mst, nobleman of crossout, premature burial, call of the haunted, ring of destruction, mirror force, imperial order/ magic stoppers, damage stoppers like waboku, snatch steal, change of heart, spirit reaper, tribe infecting virus, pot of greed, graceful charity, ceasefire, etc...
  2. Keep your deck to a theme such as: chaos, warrior, ftk, toon, beatdown, annoyance, deckout, hand destruction, burn, exodia, zombie, etc....
  3. Show no emotion. When you show emotion your opponent knows what you got.
  4. Don't wear glasses. Your opponent can see the reflection of your hand in your glasses.
  5. Avoid using up your hand. Try to have 1 or 2 cards in your hand.
  6. Don't expend your good cards early, they can be more useful later, such as using mind control ( the card is soooo good its ridiculous)
  7. Keep your deck down to a max cards of 45.
  8. Keep a good ratio of monsters, magics, and traps.
  9. Use card protectors.




Articles and Tips for YuGiOh Stuff

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