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Yu Gi Oh Trading Card Game: Become a Champion!

Even a novice Yu Gi Oh trading card game player has endless possibilities for strategic moves and combinations.


Yu Gi Oh Trading Card Game

by Debi Ashe

The Yu Gi Oh Trading Card Game

The Yu Gi Oh Trading Card Game is fun for all the family. A game of strategy, it pits you against a rival in a match of three duels. There are several Yu Gi Oh trading card game starter decks to be found; Pegasus, Yugi, Kaiba and Joey. Each deck contains enough cards to play immediately. You can collect further card decks and individual special cards to enhance your game play as you become more experienced. Be aware though, that there is a fine line between a good Yu Gi Oh trading card game deck and a deck that is out of balance with too many powerful spell or monster cards. It’s tempting to fill your deck with the biggest and best, but don’t forget the little guys, you will need them.

Yu Gi Oh Trading Card Game Basics

Each Yu Gi Oh trading card game deck is complete with monster cards, spell/ trap cards, and field cards. It is the combinations of these different types of cards that determine the outcome of each phase of the duel.
Battle takes place on the game zone, which is a layout template upon which you place your cards.

The action and effect of the cards is altered by position on the mat, and the cards you play at the same time. This allows even a novice Yu Gi Oh trading card game player endless possibilities for strategic moves and combinations. The play can be based on the life points of the player or on just the attack and defence points of the individual cards. Younger children can find it hard to calculate the math for scoring the life point method, so the Yu Gi Oh trading card game allows for a quick version with less math (although it’s amazing how quickly their math improves!)

Yu Gi Oh Trading Card Game Tournaments

Many Yu Gi Oh trading card game supply stores run their own tournaments. Check with your local store for details. Some are ranked for national recognition and some are just for fun.

The new 2005 Tournament rules have introduced a Forbidden List of cards that no longer are used for tournament duel play. The tournament organiser chooses whether or not their Yu Gi Oh trading card game competition is a Forbidden list or Non-Forbidden list event. What this means is essentially your strategic play has to be strong if you are entering a forbidden list game. You cannot solely rely on the use of powerful cards to get you through.

There is also a Yu Gi Oh trading card game restricted list, just to make things more interesting. It makes sense that some of the more powerful cards would make game play dull if they were too abundant. Full details of these lists are at the Yu Gi Oh trading card game official site. They are updated regularly. You can also enter national competitions for trophies and prizes, so it’s worth checking back often.

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