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YuGiOh Card: Heart of the Monstruously Popular Game

Another quality of the YuGiOh card which is very appealing is the value. The YuGiOh card alone is quite collectible, just like baseball, football, or any other collector cards


YuGiOh Card

by Joel Jacobson

The YuGiOh Card is the heart of the YuGiOh game

If you’ve ever played the YuGiOh game, or are thinking about playing it, you realize that the YuGiOh card is the heart of the game. Everything revolves around the YuGiOh card.

The YuGiOh card game is played on a game mat. Each mat is broken down into each player’s deck zone. Different zones are used for placement of a different YuGiOh card. For example, in the field card zone the field spell cards are played here. Monster cards are played in the monster card zone. Fusion monster cards are played in the fusion deck zone. Spell and trap cards are played in the spell and trap card zone. The graveyard is where the cards are placed when they have been destroyed.

When you play the YuGiOh card game, your object is to try and win a match against your opponent. A single match consists of 3 duels and each YuGiOh card battle against an opponent and is either a win, loose, or draw. They are all considered duels.

Each YuGiOh card (the monster cards that each player has) has the monster name, type, description, attributes, defense points, attack points and attack levels. Play begins by each player turning up 5 cards from his/her deck. There are 6 different phases to each player’s turn. The draw phase, standby phase, main phase I, battle phase, main phase II, end phase, next player’s turn. So as each player goes up against the other, the winner of the duel will be determined by monster strengths and weaknesses. Spells, traps, and other cards also come into the equation. There’s a lot of strategy involved as to how you set up your deck to take full advantage of your opponent.

Another quality of the YuGiOh card which is very appealing is the value. The YuGiOh card alone is quite collectible, just like baseball, football, or any other collector cards. Some examples of the higher valued cards are: The End of Anubis $44.95; The Agent of Judgment – Saturn $21.95; Gear Golem the Moving Fortress $21.95. These are just three YuGiOh card that have these prices. There are many others!

YuGiOh card decks are available besides the regular starter card decks. There are assorted rare promo cards that are available. These are specifically sold with certain video games and magazines. These YuGiOh card decks are extremely rare and hard to find.

If you’re looking for a fun, exciting and challenging game, look into playing YuGiOh. The YuGiOh card is the key to playing the game well, and the card could become a collectible someday!

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