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by Joel Jacobson has all the info you need to play Yu-Gi-Oh

Whether you’re an experienced Yu-Gi-Oh player, or a novice looking to get into playing this popular game, has all the information you need to get started playing. has some really good information on the Yu-Gi-Oh game. One part of their website talks about Yu-Gi-Oh the movie, Ani-Manga. It’s surely a collector’s item, and noYu-Gi-Oh fan should be without it.

If you’re not familiar with Yu-Gi-Oh, it’s the story of Yugi, a boy captivated by the playing card game that has swept the country. There’s ancient mystical monsters, spells, and intrigue. Anubis, an evil creature who lives deep below the sands of Egypt, was defeated by Yugi’s mysterious alter ego, the Pharoah. has some great background info on the game.

At, they talk about how fantastic the movie is as well as the comic book. In the comic book, there are fantastically colored panels that were created right from the movie itself.

Some other cool stuff at site is the links to some very artistic comic book sites for Yu-Gi-Oh. Some of the links to these graphic novels are; Beet the Vandel Buster, Bleach, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball 2, Knights of the Zodiac, and many others. Also on the site you can download wallpapers of different Yu-Gi-Oh characters, and send e-cards to people who are also into Yu-Gi-Oh.

A terrific link from the site, and a very useful one at that, is to the upper deck entertainment site. This particular site gives great information as to how to actually play Yu-Gi-Oh, what the cards are for, etc. In Yu-Gi-Oh, the object is to win a match against your opponent. A single match is made up of three duels, and in each card battle, is either a win, loss, or a draw. The first player to win two duels, or has 1 win and 2 draws is declared the winner.

When you link to upper deck from the site, you will also get lots of great information on game play. Each player starts out with 8000 life points which decrease as a result of damage after battle. Each opponent attacks the other using monster cards. Each monster card has the monster name, type, card description, attributes, attack points, and defense points. Spell and trap cards come into affect as well as players battle each other. There’s a lot of planning and strategy going on in this game. also links a store site, There you can purchase a ton of Yu-Gi-Oh products, like videos, DVD’s, action figures, T-shirts. Toys, and wall scrolls. There are so many different modules to Yu-Gi-Oh; you will not run out of things to buy!

Next time your surfing and you’re interested in getting into Yu-Gi-Oh, check out It’s got a lot of great information for the novice as well as the expert Yu-Gi-Oh player.

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