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Weight Loss Plateau

Hitting a weight loss plateau is a common experience for most dieters.





Weight Loss Plateau

by Patrick Austin

How to Overcome a Weight Loss Plateau

Hitting a weight loss plateau is a common experience for most dieters. It’s probably one of the most depressing things to happen during your dietary program, but it’s a very common occurrence.

Initially you start off full of determination and see the pounds dropping off over the first few weeks, then the weight loss slows and may even stop. This is the weight loss plateau.

There are a number of reasons why people hit a weight loss plateau. The most common being the fact that your body is adjusting to your reduced calorie diet and exercise program. It’s preparing itself for a period of famine. The body lowers the metabolism in an attempt to slow use of your fatty energy reserves.

Don't let yourself become discouraged, and definitely don’t quit your diet. The trick, once you hit your weight loss plateau is to up your activity level. This will help boost your metabolism level - and your body will continue to burn energy reserves.

Some helpful tips on how to overcome your weight loss plateau:

Change your workout - Similar to the point above, even if you're happy with you current workout routine, it may be a good move to change a few things. Following the same workout for a long time results in the same set of muscles you workout becoming used to the exercise. You should consider changing the exercise to a different set of muscles. Some minor changes to your normal workout, these new muscles will work harder and increase your caloric burn. A good example would be to add some ankle weights to your cardio workout. That will help you work a new set of muscles and will also help build new muscle mass. Another possible change could be to workout on an empty stomach(maybe in the early morning or late evening). Exercising on an empty stomach will make your body used your stored body fat for energy rather than the food you have eaten during the day.

Strength training - Muscles require energy to function - if you increase your muscle mass you'll increase the amount of calories you burn on a daily basis. This is perhaps one of the reasons why low carb diets, are successful for men, because on average, men have a greater muscle mass. Adding a strength training program to your exercise routine could help you get over the hump. You don’t have to start lifting a ton of heavy weights. Remember, slow and steady wins the race. Trying to do too much too soon will hurt rather than help.

If you’d like more information about overcoming your weight loss plateau, check out these sites:

Mr. Austin is a freelance writer who covers sports and health for a number of web sites including,, and He currently also covers entertainment and sports for Vainquer magazine.

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