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Hypnosis Weight Loss, Does it Work?

Hypnosis weight loss trains your brain to signal to your body to stop eating sooner, and eat smaller amounts.

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Hypnosis Weight Loss

by Patrick Austin

This method for weight loss is certainly unconventional but it does have the potential to work, if you have an open mind. The key behind hypnosis weight loss is that it trains your mind to think differently about food. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, you need to eat less calories than you burn to lose weight. Hypnosis weight loss trains your brain to signal to your body to stop eating sooner, and eat smaller amounts. If you eat less calories, you will lose weight.

Hypnosis weight loss would be a great tool for someone who has an injury and cannot exercise for an extended period of time. Or, if you have an illness that prevents you from being active. Finally, if you lead an extremely busy life and have no time to workout, hypnotizing yourself to eat less would be a smart way to keep the pounds off.

So what is hypnosis? It is simply a state of deep relaxation and intense mental focus that can help you 're-program' old attitudes and beliefs about eating.

Here are some benefits to hypnosis weight loss:

Easy to Use -You can simply listen to a CD or tape each night before you go to bed, and let the program do the rest. Or, you can set up an appointment to see a hypno-therapist (though, they can be rather expensive). All of the changes in behavior and attitude to food occur at an unconscious level.

Increased Motivation - If the main reason you can't lose weight is due to the lack of discipline and motivation, hypnosis would be helpful. A hypnosis weight loss program, could boost your self-discipline, and almost effortlessly guide you towards behaviors that will result in permanent weight loss. As you start to see the weight come off, your motivation will naturally increase, bolstering your commitment to the process.

There has been scientific research done on hypnosis weight loss. The studies have been predominately positive. One study examined 109 individuals between the ages of 17-67, who completed a hypnosis weight loss program. At the end of the 9 week trial results showed a significant weight loss for all individuals.

A 1997 study showed an average weight loss of 12 pounds for all of the participants using the hypnosis weight loss technique.

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