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Angelina Jolie picture on bed
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Angelina Schwarzenegger
Don't let Angelina fool you- she's quite strong.



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Angelina Jolie and Brian Carter

Why do you think Angelina Jolie is so good at dressing up in shiny skin tight black pants and running around with a gun?

Angelina Jolie Picture
by Brian B. Carter, MS, LAc

Three agents had to die for you to get a look at this Angelina Jolie picture.

What I'm going to tell you about Angelina Jolie is a matter of national security. More is on the line here than you realize.

You just think it's another chance to see Angelina in action, but the fact is, she's not just a movie star. She's also an Eastern European secret agent.

It's not just because she's a great actor- it's because that's what she does when she's not in the movies. I've been tracking her for years - she thinks I'm just a good friend and a great resource for her alternative medicine questions. But it's much, much more than that.

That's the above Angelina Jolie picture is all about:

I can't tell you what's really going on in that picture (besides my "Blue Steel" look), but the clues are there. Click on the size you want for Angelina Jolie wall paper for your desktop. You'll have to right click and Save As, or Set as Background. Take a minute to look at the picture and you'll see what I mean.

I could get killed for telling you all this, but I have ways of avoiding detection. Just make sure you let other people know what's really going on. The fate of America depends on it.

Meanwhile, check out the other Angelina Jolie pictures on the left, and keep a low profile!


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