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Usher Confession: 5 Things Fans Can Do With Extra Usher CDs

Admit it, Usher Confession would make one heck of a gift!

Usher confession of shyness amazes and stuns fans


Usher Confession

by Rachel Johnson

Five things to do with that Usher Confession CD

Now, you’re wondering what to do with those twenty-two Usher Confession CD’s you bought, right? It’s ok; all die-hard Usher fans buy as many of his CD’s as possible. Obviously, you bought a few more than you will even admit to since the Usher Confession CD was the top selling album in 2004!

Ok, so it’s more like thirty-two CD’s, right? It’s cool; it’ll be an Usher confession of your own, if you know what I’m saying. Now, CD’s aren’t quite as versatile as some other things, but we’ll see what we can come up with.

#1. You could always sell your stock of the Usher Confession CD on ebay or something. Although, this is borderline blasphemy for a die-hard fan such as yourself. But, should you find yourself in such a wicked state, go for it! You may make a few bucks. And hey, you’ve already lined Usher’s pockets a bit so you shouldn’t feel too guilty. Although, for safety’s sake, you shouldn’t tell other Usher Confession fans that you went and basically gave away such treasures, there could be a lynching.

#2. A tile mosaic! Perfect! You could come up with some sort of funky pattern or something over your bed and use the CD’s for decoration. What could be better than showing off your love for Usher Confession while decorating your home?! Not much…

#3. Buy thirty-two CD players and attempt to play all the Usher Confession CD’s in unison. Be careful, this one could cause physical and mental overload. And, if you’ve secretly got a bigger stash of the Usher Confession CD, DON”T EVEN ATTEMPT THIS ONE!

#4. Give them out as birthday presents. You long ago lost your friends and family because you’ve devoted all of your time to Usher and maybe this is a good way to find like-minded people to associate with. And, admit it, Usher Confession would make one hell of a gift!

#5. Form an Usher fan club and invite any younger people who may be up and coming Usher fans like yourself. Perhaps the most appropriate. Give the CD’s away as a membership gift or something. These people will help you justify why you’ve spent so much time and money buying Usher CD’s. And then, it’ll happen! You’ll remember that Usher is the most beautiful, talented, and promising male artist of all time!

Go ahead; buy a few more CD’s. I know you want to. It’s an Usher Thang….


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