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Usher Music Video: See, Touch, and Taste Usher

Never mind how much energy he’s exerting while dancing in this Usher music video, really, he does smell good…

coy look from usher music video


Usher Music Video

by Rachel Johnson

Heightening the senses with an Usher music video

If you’re looking for a new way to stimulate the senses, you should really think about trying an Usher music video. Now, I know it sounds a bit odd, but an Usher music video really is capable of stimulating all five senses. You don’t believe me? Well, take a minute and turn on the Usher music video for the song entitled “Yeah!” and we’ll get started.

Ready? Let’s get started…

·Sight! The most obvious sense to be inundated with stimulation would be your sight! Just look at the man! He’s beautiful, charismatic, AND he can dance! Woo-hoo! If your eyes aren’t ready to pop out of your head take a minute to check your pulse, and then restart the Usher music video.

·Scent! Your sense of smell will be stimulated just because you are wondering if he smells as beautiful as he looks! Go on! Don’t be shy, you can admit you think even his smell would be of a sexy nature. Never mind how much energy he’s exerting while dancing in this Usher music video, really, he does smell good…

·Sound! You can’t say listening to the Usher music video “Yeah!” which was the most frequently played song of 2004 doesn’t stimulate them ears of yours! If you’re not bobbing your head by now, or at least tapping your foot, perhaps you should have your hearing checked just as a precaution. Really. Go. Now.

·Taste! Don’t you just want to take a bite out of Usher?! He looks good enough to eat, doesn’t he? Mmmm… Mmmm…. Good! Or, at the very least you’ve burned enough calories bobbing your head and tapping your foot that you’re just about ready for a little snack. Who knew, an Usher music video had fat burning capabilities…

·Touch! If you watch an Usher music video you want to touch Usher, right? Um, yeah! That’s what I thought! Who wouldn’t want to touch him! Talk about stimulation! Woah! Just think about the possibilities!!

After watching just one Usher music video you should be ready to go out into the world with a new sense of things. And, every time you partake in the awesomeness that is an Usher music video you will only heighten the senses that much more!

What?! You’re afraid your friends and family won’t understand your quest for heightened sensation?! It’s cool, just bob your head, tap your foot, and soon they’ll get the idea. And they won’t laugh at you. Uh-uh. Well, at least not in your face, they’ll wait until you’re looking at the television that’s playing the Usher music video.


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