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Lindsay Lohan Rumor: The Facts, Single, & Video


Like the debate over the Lindsay Lohan Rumor single, some shake their heads at Lohan’s change in image and say ‘enough is enough,’ but Lohan fans, well, they just can’t get enough.



Lindsay Lohan Rumor

by Amy Finley

A New Lindsay Lohan Rumor Everyday

Love her or hate her, Lindsay Lohan’s got people talking non-stop. This actress turned pop queen has controversy collecting at all corners of the globe, people feverishly trying to find out what the new Lindsay Lohan rumor is and subsequently spend endless hours debating it in Lindsay Lohan chat rooms.

Despite the Lindsay Lohan rumor hype, the talk surrounding the young star is standard Hollywood fare – her love life, personal life and relationships, family life, illnesses and accidents, whether or not certain body parts have been enhanced with plastic surgery (the answer is allegedly no), and certain ‘wardrobe malfunctions.’

Lindsay Lohan rumor about that other leg?

The Lindsay Lohan Rumor Single

The Lindsay Lohan Rumor single was one of the hits released off her debut album, ‘Speak’ (Casablanca/Universal records). Ironically, the song by Lohan is itself the subject of great debate and fuel for rumors. Did she write it or not? Is it a true confession or a marketing ploy? What’s up with the steamy Lindsay Lohan Rumor music video?

Okay, let’s just stick to the facts. The Lindsay Lohan Rumor single is one of five songs on ‘Speak’ co-written by Lindsay herself according to According to, the Rumor single has been on the 4 top forty charts for over thirty weeks.

What’s the Consensus?

The popularity of Lindsay Lohan, Rumor, Over, and other songs on her debut album is evident despite mixed reviews as her singles continue to rank highly in the music charts.
The catchy combination pop-rock-techno clubby dance hit has been compared to other pop princess’s hit songs, but many maintain that Rumors’ success is solidified in Lohan’s talent as a singer.

In some ways an accurate depiction of the life of Lindsay Lohan, Rumor shouts out some of the frustrations faced in stardom, as she sings “I’m sick of rumors started/I’m sick of being followed/I’m tired of people lyin’/ Sayin’ what they want about me/Why can’t they let me live.” While some critics dismiss the song as little more than a whiny wail, others defend the difficulties of the teen star’s life and applaud her for speaking out about her emotions.

Lindsay Lohan Image

Perhaps one of the things that sparked the pop culture pastime of debating a Lindsay Lohan rumor was her change of image. From a wholesome Disney darling to an edgy scantily clad singing sensation, Lohan made her passage from top ‘tween’ acting idol to singing star with sex appeal.

Like the debate over the Lindsay Lohan Rumor single, some shake their heads at Lohan’s change in image and say ‘enough is enough,’ but Lohan fans, well, they just can’t get enough.

What’s Your Take on the Lindsay Lohan Rumor Single and Video?

There are lots of sites where you can download the Lindsay Lohan Rumor mp3 or Lindsay Lohan Rumor music video, (some for free). Or you can pick up her CD for under $13 online, so check her out for yourself and decide what you think.

Whether the people sing the praises of the Lindsay Lohan Rumor hit song, critique the steamy Lindsay Lohan Rumor video, or just add fuel to the Lindsay Lohan rumor fire, she’s one pop princess that keeps people talking.

To read a brief bio on Lindsay Lohan, rumor free, go here


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