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Lindsay Lohan Rumor: Fame, Weight, Respect, Privacy, and Nastiness

The incessant stream of the uncreative Lindsay Lohan rumor phenomenon actually inspired the name of her debut album entitled, Rumors.


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Lindsay Lohan Rumor

by Rachel Johnson

Another Lindsay Lohan rumor, or is it Rumors?

Lindsay Lohan has become one of the hottest young stars in Hollywood. She’s beautiful, confident, spunky, and very talented. Because she is one of the most sought after women in the business, there has been one Lindsay Lohan rumor after another! Each Lindsay Lohan rumor has been typical of the rumors that follow every successful woman around. It’s hard for people to believe that someone is what they appear to be, so nasty rumors get started.

The latest Lindsay Lohan rumor is that she saw one of the many pictures of her in magazines and decided that she needed to lose some weight! Well, when you look at the girl you know this has to be untrue! Eighteen-year-old Lohan is anything but overweight!

In December of 2004 there was a nasty Lindsay Lohan rumor that the actress regularly smokes marijuana. The actress and her publicist vehemently denied the rumors, although they admitted she does smoke cigarettes. The rumors started when Lindsay was seen out at a club, and of course the truth was twisted just a bit to make the story interesting!

The most popular Lindsay Lohan rumor has involved none other than her breasts. There has been much speculation over the authenticity of the actress’s breasts. Lindsay says they are all natural, but others continue to speculate and keep the rumor alive. It’s hard to imagine, but a girl can actually have naturally beautiful breasts! Imagine that!

Lindsay Lohan Rumor about a surgery?
Rumor about Boobs?

While Lindsay has seemed to enjoy her fame, it’s come a price. The incessant stream of the uncreative Lindsay Lohan rumor actually inspired the name of her debut album entitled, Rumors. Lindsay’s debut album got mixed reviews, but her talent was never in question, instead it was the material. Of course, her successful record will probably start another undying Lindsay Lohan rumor! It will be interesting to see if Lindsay follows Rumors with another album.

Lohan has mentioned in the past that she is flattered that people want to know so much about her, but she craves a bit of privacy and respect. The desire for privacy probably fuels the Lindsay Lohan rumor mill, but a girl can dream, can’t she?! Success comes with a certain amount of envy, and envy will spark a new Lindsay Lohan rumor for as long as she’s experiencing one success after another.

Luckily, Lindsay Lohan seems able to turn a deaf ear to the endless stream of rumors that follow her. She has a good head on her shoulders and seems to let the rumors fuel her successes, not drag her down! You gotta give her credit for that!

So, the next time you hear a Lindsay Lohan rumor you can laugh, and shake your head because chances are it’s probably just not true. What is true? Well, she’s more like you and I than we probably even realize, breasts and all!


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