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Here's a Pamela Anderson Pic with the rare smile


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Pamela Anderson Pic
by Patrick Austin

Mr. Austin is a freelance writer who covers sports and health for a number of web sites including,, and He currently also covers entertainment and sports for Vainquer magazine.

While Pamela Anderson was sitting in a library listening to a story, a photographer took a picture of her, which was quickly placed in all the libraries in British Columbia, Canada. Needless to say, Pamela's beauty has been with her from the very beginning.

Her teen years weren't anything out of the ordinary, she excelled in virtually every sport she participated in, but her favorite sport was Volleyball. In 1988, Pamela moved to Vancouver to feel the life of the big city. She started working as a fitness instructor when her direction in life changed.

Here is a Pamela Anderson pic that you can click on to get wall paper (ed- removed- too racy)

It was the summer of 1989 when she was invited to see a Football game. One of her friends was a representative for Labatt's beer. A cameraman found Pamela in the crowd and put her image on the big screen. The men in the stadium took notice and she suddenly became a model for Labatt's as the "Blue Girl".

A freelance photographer based out of Vancouver took a few pictures of Pamela and sent them to Playboy, who liked what they saw.In October of 1989, Pamela did a cover for Playboy, which increased her popularity enormously.

Here's a saucy Pamela Anderson pic (ed- removed, too saucy).

David Hasslehoff saw Pamela on a television show and convinced her to join the cast of "Baywatch". Her role on "Baywatch" catapulted her to superstardom. Each week she would run around in skimpy bathing suits, which secured her a place in every teenage boy's fantasies.

If you've never seen Baywatch, here is a Pamela Anderson pic in all of her bathing suit glory:

Pamela anderson pic from baywatch

Though the beach, and Hasslehoff, got tiresome for Pam, so she decided to leave Baywatch to pursue a movie career. She went on to star in several films including "The Taking of Beverly Hills", "Raw Justice", "Snapdragon", "Mike Hammer", "Velda" and "Barb Wire". Unfortunately for Pam, her movies were largely ignored by viewers and lambasted by critics.

In 1995 she met Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee at a party. Apparently, he came right up to her and licked her face. Tommy Lee does have a reputation as being a classy guy (if you didn't know, that was sarcasm).

After four days of courting and numerous parties, the two were married on a beach. Shortly there after, they had two babies named Brandon and Dylan (yes, she named her kids after the Beverly Hills 90210 characters).

Their relationship soon saw trouble because of Tommy's violent behavior, and they divorced after a vicious legal struggle. One year later they were together again. Then, they broke up again, but decided to reunite once more. I think you get the picture.

But if you didn't here is another Pamela Anderson pic:

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